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  1. Actually I agree with your points. I have a land of 3,5 km radius now. I can capture new lands only when I move from a base to another, or I make some trip out of the city. Also I see the problem with wars with new players.
  2. I suggested a sort of 'maintenance cost' in order to make not too easy to have big lands. So I cannot dislike this upgrade. We are all shocked because there was no cost before and there is now. If the game was this way since the beginning it would have seemed just normal. Big lands come with more resources inside, so you have increasingly more resources to pay for increasingly bigger lands. I also think some big players (and myself) have some disadvantage, but this logic may help smaller players in comparison. I see as a bigger problem the one about the things we cannot do when we ar
  3. I have another idea about this. What if the attack time (at least the time before the first wave) depends on the distance from the base? It would make sense that I can attack the land close to my base easily, maybe even with no waiting time if it is at 0 distance. However if the defender is far, I would have to wait much time, and he has the time to organize a defence. This might be a way to incentive a regular distribuition of players in the territory. This would make the position of the base an important thing. Now it doesn't matter much. What do you think?
  4. The first in the Top Game Supporters list has a value of 6690. Is that Unobtaimium quantity? Is that a real player?
  5. Did you collect resources with satellite before making the screenshot? Mr. D seems to confirm that for resources collection squares are used. However this is not the case for capturing land, which is the subject of this thread.
  6. Hi, when I zoom out, the flags on the map get grouped. This is ok to avoid confusion, but for more clarity I would suggest something: Right now if there is let's say, two green flags and one red flag, when I zoom out I may see only one green flag. I miss the information that another player is there. So it would be good if flags could be grouped by color. If it is not possible, at least I would like the grouped flags to be different than normal ones, maybe a different shape or another color. So I can understand that this is not a simple flag but I need to zoom in in order t
  7. If I remember correctly, Mr.D said that the circles are actually considered to be squares for the game mechanics. Acrually, since I collect resources with the satellite, I can see that resources are out of a square-like area:
  8. I agree, but unfortunately accordiing to Mr. D there will not be big changes anymore in the game. How could you optimize it with some little change? do you have any idea?
  9. That is right, however consider that those two players (if not allied) are always in competition. Every time a land is upgraded there is an attack on the enemy lands, which will become smaller and smaller. So this is a unstable situation. You see a territory possessed by two players only when a fight is occurring between two active players. One of them will eventually win, and in normal peaceful situation a territory is always possessed by one player. At least I see it in this way to justify it. It is different than in other more traditional games where you own a land, or you own no
  10. Yes, I imagined that. So my post is only speculative.
  11. Just some simulations. Let's say that a level 100 land could have a radius of 500m as it is now. The corresponding level 1 land would be 1/100 of the area, that is a circle with radius of 50 meters. When two lands level 100 merge, the level 200 land would have a radius of 707m. This would still be true, but in a more fair way in my opinion. Well, it depends on how big is the city. Anyway I'm glad that you see the point. Why 2 or 2.5 times? Isn't it much more elegant to just increase the area always of the same amount (as it is now for the radius)?
  12. Hi, I have a suggestion that might be a nonsense, but I'd like to write it anyway: I see that every land upgrade increase the radius always of the same fixed amount. Since a level 100 land has a radius of 500m, every level is supposed to increase the radius of 5 meters. In this way I see some problems even if considered negligible so far: 1- the land upgrades increase the area in different way. If the land is at low level an upgrade will have a little area increase, if the land is at high level an upgrade will have a big area increase. So players that have few lands at hi
  13. Hi, I got two resource stations. Then I wanted to upgrade their time, so I bought the "Station Technician II" perk (I already had the first). The time of the stations is still the same. I guess it would work only if I get the perk BEFORE the station? Is that how it is supposed to work?
  14. Yes indeed the problem is much smaller since the last hotfixes. Maybe now sometimes I see the time is wrong for seconds or very few minutes. Before I could see a wrong time of several minutes.
  15. Yes, I also noted that the timer is not very precise when you go out of the game, then come back after some minutes. I just need to change tab and then go back to Earth View, then the timer shows the right value.
  16. Statistics are shown only for players that share their information on google play games.
  17. I will try some suggestion. The idea that the presence on the base can have a defence boost is good. I would extend it to any land. So a player that have few lands to defend and is really present on territory could defend even against much stronger players. In general I would say that it should be increasingly difficult to defend lands as you get more of them. Actually right now I see that you can gain resouces easily with the satellite if you have much land, while a player at the beginning with a little land has to travel around in order to get resources. It should be the other way
  18. If you mean planting new flags than I do not plant 30 new flags a day. Maybe 1 or 2 in average. If you mean upgrading existing lands, then yes I do it about 30 times a day.
  19. You get two stations a day?? I am very active too. I brought four lands from level 1 to level 100, merging into a level 400 land. The base nearby from level 1 went to level 15. And in all this process I don't remember seeing a single base.
  20. If you say that it's correct that's ok. I was worried just because from the statistics and the Netherland example it looked like I had too few stations. Thank you for your interest.
  21. Now I tried to use the "load surrounding" function (the camera in the tooltips), from some lands a bit more far away. In this way I found just one personnel resource station. However I've never seen stations on the surroundings of my base, loaded by default.
  22. Ok it might be further away, but should it be visible in the map anyway, even if I stay in the base? If I have to move some km in order to uncover them, then I might have missed them. ( I moved, but didn't pay much attention to the surroundings). But if I should be able to see them just browsing in the map, then I confirm that I've never seen any. Look near Bologna, Italy and see if it is different from Netherlands.
  23. My second base is level 15 so I had 15 chances to see a resource station. Also I have a land level 400, so with the 5% chance I should have seen 20 resource stations. But I didn't.
  24. You have so much and I have nothing... I saw resource stations only for few days after I entered in the game. Then I haven't see any anymore. Especially in my second base. If I remember correctly, I've never seen a single resource station near it. Am I only unlucky and I just have to wait longer?
  25. It's the other way round. You will almost never get money in this way.
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