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  1. Adding to the list of things to fix, thank you for the report!
  2. Mr. D

    not shown flags

    What is your "Hide lands older than: X" setting value? Were the newly captured lands (that you can't see) within the base's radius or outside? Can you show an approximate location of where you expected these lands to be (i.e. where is that path), please? 🙂
  3. What...! 🤯 That is bizarre. Sorry for that, I will investigate.
  4. No problem, I have refunded the 5 spent unobtainium; accidents happen. 😉 I don't think that adding a second confirmation would help much if the first one doesn't. 😅 But I am always here to correct any mistakes and refund accidental purchases, as it will never be my intent to mislead players / trip them into buying something they didn't mean to. 🙂
  5. Я вижу произошло небольшое недоразумение. 🙂 Квест ожидает, что вы построете новую бетонную стену (металлический забор не считается. Я только что подправил описание этого квеста на всякий случай). Ваш аккаунт был создан в 2018ом году, до появления системы квестов, и последняя бетонная стена была построена 28 июня 2020. Квест о постройке стены был получен в сентябре 2021 года, то есть после постройки стены. Всё, что требуется по квесту, должно произойти после его получения (т.е. нельзя, к примеру, сначала собрать вещи, а потом получить квест на их поиск и сразу же его сдать. То же сам
  6. @permarI believe this should now be fixed, but please let me know if you run into the same problem again. Thank you for your patience!
  7. Ah! That doesn't look good! 😬 Will investigate, thank you for the report! 😉
  8. Thanks for letting me know, will look into it!
  9. No worries, I've reset your base move counter so you should be able to move it again for free. Please make sure you put it in the right place this time though!
  10. Mr. D

    game become...

    Sorry for that! Please try version 2.8.11 and let me know if it's any better! I suspect that the slowdown is caused by the new "Load map tiles faster" profile setting that is now disabled by default (but was enabled in the previous version). If you're still experiencing the same slowdown with the new setting disabled, please post!
  11. Mr. D

    why I cant build...

    Thanks for all the reports and your patience. 🙂 This should now be fixed in 2.8.11:
  12. Hi all, Version 2.8.11 is live on the Play Store and will appear on the App Store soon. Containing a number of fixes and features partially rolled out to Android earlier for testing since version 2.8.6: (iOS only) Fixed Unobtainium purchases; billing system should once again be active as of this version. Added the "Hide lands older than" and "Land display radius" switches onto Earth View's "Map Filters" UI. Added a new profile setting labelled "Load map tiles faster" (disabled by default). Switching this feature on will actively load map tiles while you're panning t
  13. Mr. D

    Kankiri needs)))

    Hmm... might be tricky, but I'll have a think about the options here.
  14. We have run into a delay with the App Store release due to a missing Privacy Policy section; it has been requested by Apple that we provide users with notice about using your in-game data on the leaderboards visible to other players. Our Privacy Policy has been updated accordingly and can be found at the following URL: https://domination.earth/privacy/ We are now awaiting further review by Apple.
  15. Mr. D

    why I cant build...

    No limit, except for proximity/space restrictions! Where are you trying to build one? Are you getting an error or nothing happens at all?
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