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  1. Mr. D

    Upgrading land

    Right, sorry, my brain got stuck on the previous version of our in-game rules. 😅 What I described above is how things used to work, but in the latest version the merge cost only applies when a land is about to become level 100 (or greater). Merges below level 100 are free. I have to admit that previously we were primarily counting on driving, public transport or cycling to play, and only recently started focusing on making the game "walkable" as well (distance between resources got reduced etc.). Adjusting the travel point formula at this late stage may be problematic (I just che
  2. That would actually be really amazing, thank you for the offer! All translation files can be found right here, in our open-source repository: https://github.com/EpicDragonLtd/domination-i18n/tree/master/i18n Have you ever used GitHub before? If you know how to use it, you can create a fork of that repository and submit a pull request with the new changes. If not, you can simply download a copy of the English language file ( https://github.com/EpicDragonLtd/domination-i18n/blob/master/i18n/en.json ), rename it, replace the contents with the translated texts and either upl
  3. I've actually gone ahead and added quest completion rewards to your account for all the building quests that you skipped, so now you should have roughly 1000 more money than before (as if you completed these quests the correct way). 😉 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  4. Mr. D

    Upgrading land

    When merging lands the cost of that merge equals to the new level of the land after merge. I.e. merging a level 5 + level 5 land would cost 10 travel points, while merging 99 + 1 equals the cost of 100. Please let me know if that doesn't make sense! 😉
  5. Hi @zhtedsu, Thank you for the report; that is indeed a problem we've come across a few times and I intend to release a fix to it in the next app version. 😉 Sorry for inconvenience! Destroying AI buildings (e.g. fences, missile launchers) actually awards more points than defeating their soldiers, as there are varying amounts of soldiers across the world and a 1-to-1 peacekeeping points formula doesn't work well. So I'd keep an eye out for any structures you can destroy instead! However, there are plans to introduce other sources of peacekeeping points in the future, this
  6. Hi @permar, No problem, 5 UBT refunded. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  7. Combat seems to be the only reasonable explanation here! As mentioned above, it would be next to impossible for me to find that battle now (there's just not enough information to go on and this happened too long ago), but please keep an eye on your army; if anything similar happens again, remember the date & time when it happened, check "Wars" for any information on the possible opponent(s), post all of it here and I'll review the logs. 😉
  8. Sorry for a delay in response, it's been a crazy week! We've never had army just disappear for no reason as there are only two lines of code in the game that have the ability to change the stationed army value: When you transfer army to another base manually When that army is in combat and taking casualties Beyond that anything stored in the database just remains there as is! The most likely explanation is that you've been ambushed by a player with a high-level character, as these can really decimate large armies fast using the leadership & strategy skills. FoT
  9. No problem, accidents happen, and sorry for inconvenience! Travel points restored. 😉 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
  10. Hi @Daiten! That is certainly an interesting idea and definitely possible, I will add that to my task list. 😉 Having said that, there are quite a few things I am working on currently, so I cannot promise a speedy resolution, but as of now this feature is certainly planned. 🙂
  11. Exciting news! "Domination: Earth" has begun migration to the Ethereum Blockchain and will soon become one of the first Geolocation-based world domination games featuring tradable Land NFTs and possibility to make money while playing, investing in purchase of real-world locations! We are also launching a new "Domination: Earth Token" (DET) that will replace Unobtainium: it has been provisionally approved by binance.com and will be listed shortly, providing players with the ability to buy DETs for all in-game operations and sell them back later via the exchange, moving DE to the foref
  12. I apologize for that, sometimes our base levels take a while to catch up... I will look into what's causing the delay, but I think the player battles should work for you now. I think having a high-level character with the right skills can help greatly in any battle against the AI. It is also worth remembering that even if you don't win a battle you still get the peacekeeping points for the defeated soldiers, so a lot of FoT troops around is a good problem to have (think of it as a gold mine with a constant supply🙂). The FoT will not attack you on its own if your army is smaller, as
  13. Sorry for a massive delay in response; forum notifications failed me. Really glad to hear that you are back and enjoying "Domination: Earth"! Indeed, we are still here and working on new things. Regarding the updated tutorial: noted! I am currently in the process of building a new "framework" based on a brand new game engine, which I am considering to use for a rewrite of DE (almost from scratch) to make it perform & look even better than it is now. So there probably won't be any major updates for a while since the DE is now in "maintenance mode", as it is hard to work
  14. Sorry for the massive delay in responding to your message! My points from the post above ( April 5, 2018 ) are still valid, but since then I actually started to warm up to the idea of an in-game chat; it has been added to my task list. Unfortunately though, I am swamped with an immense backlog of development features (for DE and other projects that help to pay the bills) and I am currently behind schedule, so it is unclear when I will get to working on the in-game chat. But I am positive that one day this situation will change. 😉
  15. Hmm, land capture seems to work from our end; new lands definitely got created today! Is it possible that you have an Earth View filter disabling the view of your flags? Could this be affected by the visibility radius setting? To investigate the cause behind this I would be grateful if you could post a screenshot of your Earth View filters and the approximate date / time of the land capture that didn't work. 😉
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