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  1. Sorry @permar, I accidentally missed your post! 😊 I've now restored your 5 UBT, thank you for your patience!
  2. Hi @MarcNu, Sorry for this, we seem to have experienced a mail server outage. The issue has now been resolved, please try requesting a new code email again. Are you sure you would like to delete your account though? If you've come across any problems, perhaps I can do something to help out? Account deletion is permanent and will erase all data associated with it without any possibility to restore it.
  3. Hi @Twilia, Sorry for that, Facebook has introduced a number of new requirements for us to use its login system and I'm not entirely sure when this can be added to restore that functionality. But don't worry, your account can certainly be switched to a normal email without losing any progress! 😉 Just send me a private message with your in-game display name and/or lands title, as well as the email you would like to use for logging in, and I will perform the switch.
  4. Thanks for that! I think I've established what is causing this, a fix has been deployed. Please try again and let me know if it still doesn't work! 😉
  5. Sorry, I can't seem to reproduce the problem, so I've added additional logging to retrieve more information about this error when it happens. Would you be able to try the warehouse deposit/withdrawal once again, please? This time I should have a bit more details on why it's failing for you.
  6. Just to clarify, are you using the warehouse from your main base? Or a warehouse located on another base? The error message probably could be phrased a bit better, but the rules are that you can only use the warehouse from the base you're "standing on" (not any warehouse from any base).
  7. Ok, this is awkward, but I've just checked the game and it seems it is already possible to delete any items you're carrying, not just the ones in the warehouse. 😅 Do you not have that red "Delete" button?
  8. Hi @BrianK, Thanks for the bump, I did miss the first message, my apologies. I will look into the warehouse issue you're experiencing, that does sound strange. Regarding the item deletion: that makes perfect sense as well, will add it to my list. 🙂
  9. Hi, Sorry for a delay in response, a recent crazy wave of work prevented me from checking the forum. I've restored your lost points and rounded them up to an even number. 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  10. Hi @BrianK, Sorry for a delay in response. Thanks for the report, I'll look into it! Was the attack performed by an army or a structure? Could you please DM me a screenshot of that combat log if you still have it, or the name of your opponent? I will try to review the logs of what happened to understand the circumstances a bit better.
  11. Yes indeed, as soon as version 3 is released for iOS that perk will be removed and I'll try to think of an appropriate replacement. 🙂 Unfortunately, Apple has thrown another wave of challenges at us, so version 3 for iPhones has been delayed and at the moment I cannot comment on how soon it will become available. In the meantime, the plan is to support both versions to avoid breaking things for the Apple users.
  12. Hi, I'm assuming we're talking about a character's stamina, which is only drained when the character uses a skill relevant to collection (e.g. diplomacy or economy). If you do not want that to happen entirely then you can open your character's skills window and disable the use of that skill via the toggle under its icon: The resetting map filters are a bug though that I plan to fix, so that they persist between app relaunches. 🙂 Sorry for inconvenience there and thank you for your patience!
  13. Thank you! I sent you a private message regarding the account. 😉
  14. Hi, Sorry for inconvenience, we have run into some trouble with Facebook indeed and it will not be possible to login using Facebook accounts in the near future. However, don't worry, nothing is lost; all in-game accounts can be recovered and I can assign a new set of login details to them (allowing to login without Facebook). Could you please share your in-game lands title or display name? If you do not remember these details, DM'ing me a receipt of the most recent purchase would definitely help to locate your account. 😉 Thanks, Dan
  15. Correct, map filters do affect auto-collection, I should add a clarification indeed! It would not work any other way, unfortunately, as when any item/resource/character is filtered out, it simply isn't loaded from the server and the app doesn't know about their existence (so cannot trigger collection due to proximity). The server does not actively monitor your position either (that would be an overkill and a potential privacy concern), so cannot trigger automated collections as well. And pre-loading all data in the client regardless of filters (but just not showing it) would consume more traffic and memory, which as you've correctly pointed out is one of the reasons older devices use filters in the first place. Yep, if the GPS is available you should be able to turn off internet connection and use offline captures. Every situation and device are different, but that's the general idea. 🙂 I tested this functionality on a ship not too long myself and it worked (with varying accuracy, of course, but still completely without using any mobile data). Regarding the status bar: thank you for noticing and letting me know, I did not see that! Will add it to the list of things to address.
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