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  1. Hi guys. I just build supply factory in my home base. I should get now infinite source of supply. But I don’t see any yellow button to actually collect those supplies. How do I use this building? thank you!
  2. This can be s good explanation! Now base is L7. So thanks for the hint, will continue to open new battles. The problem will be, if enemy will reload army strongly and I will not be able to win next ones as I will not want to spent so many units to fully reduce level to the below 1. have a nice day!
  3. Thanks for feedback, but I have not attacked by buildings. I attacked by Army. I defeated all the units and I got victorious in battle. I would expect base must be eliminated. Hmmm
  4. Hi guys, So finally I found AI base. I sent troops into it, got into the war. Waited couple of rounds, lost some soldiers, AI lost all, in the end of waves, game informed me, that I am victorious. But enemy base is still there. How can I eliminate it from the map? thanks
  5. What do you have on the land you live? What is better building compare to your base?
  6. I am playing this for 7 months and my feeling is, Ai is shitty army with no strategy. I am happy when they create new lands and buildings, as for me it is Pracekeeping points!!! Make them even harder as I love challenges! And don’t touch my resources, they are mine. Or I will send army. Greetings to developer(s)
  7. Welcome! I’m playing this for 7months now and I love the game. Carefull with wording, you are not capturing resources. You pick them up. Use hand icon in the bottom. It is next to the land icon. You have to be 50m next to the resource (coin, soldier, supplies). Green flag mean you have captured land. Visit place again and capture again same land, your land will grow to level2.... You will soon get used to it.
  8. Thanks. That is why this was hidden to me. On my home I am inside land L108 but I am inside the base so flag just add defence. And I never tried hit flag on my land L108 outside of my house, as I ussually wanted to save it for new lands far from my house. Thanks for the hint! I sm curious about all 4 utility structures...
  9. Hi guys. Need help. I have land level 118 standing 30m next to it and tryinh to build solar panel aďs I got this as quest. I don’t see this in menu...
  10. All is fine. Delay is around a 24 hours. Few are still there, one disapear just now. Actually it is nice feature to run for it and not know when exactly will be gone. As described in my previous post, I am just not sure about reward ballancing. Am I greedy pig?
  11. Thanks. Makes sence. But if this is really so, it is not very motivating award I can produce this for 1 piece of supplies, often deleting it as I rather keep space for supermagnets. Capture 15 factories for reward of 8 radios? Hmmm
  12. Update: I was able to pick-up quest also when expired, and it works as normal. Error? Another question: what is the meaning of reward with icon of walkie-talkie ? I accepted “manufacturing network” quest
  13. One question. I missed to pick-up quest as time is up. Questionmark is however still in the map and there is no other one in the area. Do I have to pick expired one first to get new one, or can I ignore it and search for the new ones? Thank you
  14. Sorry you misunderstood. For new player it is fine as they have no resources. But for existing player with base who must travel 100km to create new base to actually start quest, it is not fine. Many players will hurry and right after 2nd base they will equip it as they have money from 1st base. That is a big mistake I pointed out as quest #4 will be ´build a barracks’
  15. Ok, I am progressing in quests. One hint for those who will start and for developer also. Emagine this scenario: I travelled 100km to build by 2nd base and finish quest. Then I was tired to run for coins and decided to wait over night and continue questing next day. But in the evening as I have money from my first base, I build barracks, tower, assembly plant, all basic base stuff. Next day right after coin quest #2, a new quest appear to build barracks??? Guys, cmon! Why game didn’t warn me, don ´t build anything in base until you are requested by quest?!?! Should I now travel next 100km to b
  16. Sound great. Is it for iOS or Android or both? I don’t see item in iOS market yet
  17. Update. Just built a tower, upgraded to L3 that can shoot long distance and destroyed all three missiles of AI within and hour of shooting and reloading. Why they did not stop me attacking back??
  18. Biiiiig thank you for this change! Did you just listen what I wrote last week???? :)))) As I am alone in my town I just slammed all the AI ´s lands one by one complaining that this enemy is like my three year old son....and since yesterday they re-build whole army (now I am weak) and build suddenly two missiles next to each other!!! Crazy! I need to go for the run now and collect new personell, or I am in big trouble tomorrow! Love you guys for this game!
  19. Correction: I just defeated 330 units in one random land and surprise, whole AI is out of the units at all. So now inviding one land after another and destroying everything. What next?
  20. Thanks. Than AI ´s strenght is becoming different now. There is around 300 lands owned by them around my home land. Now I need 300 units to attack 1 enemy land. If I win the battle, I will loose most of the units from my army and destroy only one single land. AI will create another 100 lands till I collect large army again. It doesn’t make any sense to attack him! Only if.... fact is, that for killing 300 units of AI during the battle I get 300 victory point which I can use for perks to get +1 personell after collection. For 600 victory +2.... Hmmm, let’s do some math here..... thanks fo
  21. Thanks for the feedback. I am glad that you are working on further improvements in this excellent game. I know that it must be pain in the ass listening to “good ideas” which are not that easily implementable as player think! I will be quiet with further proposals and look forward to what will come soon. One more question while I’m progressing against AI. Again, only enemy in my map. If I will send all army (350 units) to attack level 1 land owned by AI which has 290 units, and I will by chance win the battle, will I win that land, or will this only land disapear, or will AI be completely elli
  22. Understood. If that is the case and you know about playerbase as limitation to grow and limited playability with low playerbase, you should put some focus on singleplayer. AI improvement can be one option. But harder to program. What about AI can steal money and personell in the city, AI can be more aggresive with time passed and not just passively spreading level1 lands. Another option how to attract singleplayer is to build something big within my land. Expensive, needed special items. Pyramid? Why there are no other special items in the world to be found next to the money and soldiers? Why
  23. I live in the large city. I sent dron to the Prague turist destination. There is a player around, but how this can help me with my point about motivation to play in my town?
  24. Hi guys. Playing this for two months. There is only me and AI according to my understanding of game at the moment. Of course enemy is main motivation factor here otherwise why I am building all the offence and defence? Lately I got enough money to freely built few towers and destroy all of the AI structures around my land (hit by hit) and reduce level of all AI lands to 1. Now AI seems to be boring enemy having many tower far from my base a I am loosing motivation to further grow. Yeah I still can build my army as AI stand with more units at all in the game, but missing WHY, as he is just pass
  25. Just checked by sending 50 troops to the level 1 tower. Terrorist have 208 unit so I stop the attack. I counted all the soldiers around my town and totally there is about 120 of them max. So to be honest I don ´t see a way how to win this game. As there are no other players around my town I’m affraid I will loose motivation soon
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