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  1. kank

    game become...

    ... slower, like heavier. and the screen dont feel my fingers....
  2. kank

    why I cant build...

    and when I try to push the build or cancel button it opens the ítem storage or collect resourses))))
  3. kank

    why I cant build...

    and this buttons dont go until I restart the game.
  4. kank

    why I cant build...

    now I cant, again.... can see a circle but pressing the build button dont do anything.
  5. kank

    resourses dissapear..

    but now, after I shoot a wall or turret all lands (green circles) dissapear.))))
  6. kank

    why I cant build...

    now I can, after the upgrade))
  7. kank

    Kankiri needs)))

    can you do something to view in the map the difference in level of buildings, like a number in the icon or colors, or new bigger complex building design?)))
  8. kank

    resourses dissapear..

    done, all is ok, thank you!
  9. kank

    why I cant build...

    dont show the yellow arrows when you put a turret
  10. kank

    why I cant build...

    nothing happens, and have space
  11. kank

    resourses dissapear..

    sorry, i dont have to do that, i have to switch tabs and go back to land tab...
  12. ... new turrets? is there a new limit applied?
  13. when I press the hand button to collect all resourses dissapear in the área, i have to charge surroudings with the eye in a near Flag...
  14. what has to be happening to end like that))) 1 to 1?
  15. kank


    something is happening with notifications, they are not sincronised with the game, one telling collection is ready but theres 16 min to wait, or capture land notifications 5 min before...
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