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  1. In fact I suggested this. But the administrators believe that a second confirmation is necessary only for the use of larger quantities of resources... in fact, every time I realized that I had unintentionally wasted resources, and I asked for assistance, they were returned to me...
  2. Hi, I did it again sorry! Is it possible to cancel my last action where I spent "unobtainio" and receive the 5 spent units back? Thank you
  3. Hi, sorry, but I use for mistake 5 unobtainio, can give it back? Thank you
  4. Ok ! Thank you for your availability. Some times it happened to me that while I was clicking I realized I didn't want to do it and slide my finger away. Hope I won't disturb you too much.
  5. ..to expand a land too far. Please can you give me it back? However I think that is a disproportionate cost use unobtainiom for this use. It would be nice if the possibility of spending this resource for such futile reasons no longer appeared, or at least that there was a double confirmation before doing so. Thanks
  6. .... And now? I use a drone for take a farm. But the farm proprietary now is another player.
  7. Hi, same bug with a real player territory.
  8. A land of Terror base near a my new base in Tenerife Canary island result as a my land and I can't attack it.
  9. Ok, thank you. it is true. But how I can build other wall or turrets?
  10. Hi, I have only a base with 120 shield, why? not 100 that's the max shield of other base's. In this base I can't build wall. Thank you
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