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  1. We are glad to see you in our team, Pazubis!
  2. I have an idea... Maybe you can add this function: send the army to the extraction of the resource. Perhaps it is worth limiting the range. For example, within a radius of 5 km from the base. In my opinion the only difficulty is that we will have to add the possibility of transferring the units of the army from the main base to their other lands. It is also worth considering the load-carrying capacity of units in this case. Thank you for your interest
  3. Mr.D! How do you look at being able to collect resources that are located inside green area of my lands. Sometimes, new resources generates near land that I already capture. I think it would be convenient to collect them without being in the immediate vicinity. For example, inside my green area of general base I have resource: Money (74). I press "collect resources" button and take it immediately.
  4. I think a few good reviews in AppStore and PlayMarket will correct this situation for Russia. Later, I will definitely add you a positive feedback to the app. Also I try to persuade a couple of my colleagues at work and my dear wife to start playing with me. I think it will be interesting!
  5. Thank you, Mr.D! It's very interesting information for me and other players i think. I try to ask in English if you don't mind. It's a good way for me to practice my English)))
  6. Thank you, Mr.D! I think I can wait until the update comes out. I hope this will be in the near future!
  7. Please, tell me, how can I replace my army? When I want ti do it, system tell me that "Hmmm... I have not another base to replace your army" What kind of base i must have?
  8. Maybe it will be interested for other players... Which country of your playing? I'm from Russia, Moscow. By the way, it's very interested game and I want to wish good luck and prosperity to the developers!!!
  9. Hello, Mr. D! Can you help me with the same problem, please? My primary base in a wrong place too.
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