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  1. Ok thank you very much this helps a lot it was just a little confusing
  2. Also sorry to keep talking and nobody is responding but it appears like they teleported across town to attack another base. Like 15-20 miles difference
  3. And now I am slowly wasting away into nothingness and can't do a single thing about it....
  4. So I have some defenses, or did but i am being attacked by a user named Black Fish and it appears that they went all the way across my duty to attack my bases so I'm guessing they live in my city. So that's fine but I can't see there bases at all so I have no way of retaliating so I am pretty much defenseless. I have a large army and did have guard towers but they either did nothing or I can't use them because I have nothing to attack. What can I do, is this a glitch?
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