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  1. I notice a green star implying the need to update. When i tap the green star I'm taken to the Play Store, but the Play store never finds the Domination: Earth app. Instead i get a white screen with an endless rotating circle (loading screen). I thought this was a temporary bug and left it a week. But having tried on several different days, this problem persists. I have limited functionality so can't capture land. Also, not sure if relevant, but i hadn't played the game for a month or two. And, outside of the game, i can't find Domination: Earth even in the Play Store. So I'm reluctant to uninstall and reinstall. Perhaps my green star is pointing to an obsolete update link?!
  2. After a year of playing i was in the top 25 player for land size. But with no one else playing nearby i got bored and uninstalled. I recently reinstalled and notice a land reduced from around 1300 radius down to 500. My messages also say i lost a war to x. However, my army numbers hadn't changed and the defenses were still good. I can't see land belonging to x and am not sure what happened during my uninstall. This makes the game feel a bit pointless. I can't re-engage or attack this player, just mindlessly rebuild land for that attack which happens once a year. Hmm. Any thoughts anyone?
  3. How do I capture instead of destroying either AI land or that belonging to another player? For example, their was a missile launcher close to me belonging to forces of terror. I got to the location but couldn't capture it's land as it was protected. So I launched an attack. After 1st wave it had no personnel or defences. The next wave destroyed the structure. Was I supposed to retreat at 1st wave and return to capture land once defences and structures were destroyed? Man, I wanted that missile launcher. Thanks for your help community.
  4. Can someone help me understand what I can do with a captured resource station? I have the land around a Personnel Recruitment Station and it says it belongs to me, with (32) in parenthesis. How do I gain personnel from this? I've tried checking in on that land containing the resource station and performed a "collect resources" from my base, but nothing seems to result in special personnel gains. What am I missing here?
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