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  1. Hi all, An exciting new update is about to launch, initially as an in-app update for early testing (later today) and next week+ as version 2.7.0 on the App Store. Edited: Play Store version 2.7.0 is now live. This is a major update featuring a number of changes to the core game mechanics and several feature additions. Characters & Items. A new type of collectibles has been added to the game in the form of Characters. Collectible characters appear at random locations, same as resources, and can be picked up when standing close enough and by using the "Pick up" button. All characters and their names are procedurally generated (any similarities to real-world names are coincidental), but come in a range of rarity levels and classes, and have a unique set of attributes and skills that can be advanced by accumulating character experience. Additionally, all characters can be equipped with items, another set of collectibles distributed around the globe. Both characters and items appear with 1 out of 6 rarity levels. For characters, rarity determines their starting attributes and maximum number of skill upgrades per level. For items, rarity affects their attribute and skill bonus values, possible number of concurrent bonuses per item and damage amount for weapons and explosives. Rarity is permanent and cannot be changed or upgraded later. However, characters can be dismissed while items - deleted and replaced with new findings. It is possible to have 3 characters with you at any time, unless the additional slots are purchased with Unobtainium. Character items that aren't equipped by a character are stored in your personal inventory and follow the same storage rules as the Assembly Plant items, so you can put any unused items in the warehouse for later use. The character and item rarity levels are: Ordinary Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Unique The higher the rarity level, the quicker you have to be to pick that item up. Ordinary characters and items stay in one place for roughly 24 hours, Uncommon - 12 hours, Rare - 4 hours, Epic - 2 hours, Legendary - 1 hour. "Unique" is the best and rarest type one can possibly find, but chances to do so are extremely low; only a few of such characters and items exist on Earth at any given moment and they will disappear and respawn every 30 minutes, so they are insanely hard to catch. Command Centre. A new building is now available for construction named "Command Centre". This building allows to assign a number of characters to its base in the amount equal to the building's level (e.g. level 3 Command Centre allows assigning 3 characters to a base). Once assigned, all bonuses provided by character skills activate and these characters will participate in all battles happening on the assigned base's territory. Characters cannot be killed in combat, but they do have a limited amount of stamina provided by the Constitution attribute (and boosted by certain items), which is required for any skill to function. Once the character runs out of stamina all of their active bonuses are disabled and they stop fighting in all active battles. Character stamina regenerates slowly with time (a small amount every 4 hours for assigned characters and every hour for unassigned characters). The regeneration amount also depends on the character's Medicine skill, as well as presence of other characters assigned to the base who have some levels in the same skill. Character advancement. All assigned characters accumulate experience from several actions: Land capture and land upgrades, awarding all characters assigned to the nearby base with at least 100 points of experience (plus Exploration skill bonus). Combat actions: peacekeeping points earned during army battles also provide characters with experience. Diplomacy: if a character has at least 1 level in that skill they will award all characters assigned to the same base with experience whenever you collect resources and share them with allies. You can spend the accumulated experience on skill upgrades at any time. However, the maximum number of skill upgrades depends on the current character level. Once you perform 10 skill upgrades (+10 levels in the same skill or +1 levels in 10 different skills or any other combination) you will be able to advance your character to the next level by spending a few Peacekeeping Points. Note: level 1 characters only require 5 skill upgrades to reach level 2. Upon advancing to the next level your skill upgrade cap will increase and several random character attributes will grow by a small amount as well. There is no limit to the character level that can be achieved. However, higher skill levels will require more experience to upgrade. Item levels. Once you pick up a character item from the world map its attributes will be generated for the highest level of the currently assigned character. If no characters are assigned to the nearby base, the highest level of your unassigned character will be considered. So if you have a level 50 character assigned to the base along with a level 25 and a level 5 character, all picked up items will be between level 49-51. Removing the level 50 character from your base will result in newly generated items being of level 24-26. Item levels and attributes do not change after they are picked up. Character Classes. You will encounter 6 possible character classes: General Commando Medic Treasurer Spy Engineer All characters have access to all skills, but each class specializes in 3 skills only. The 3 class skills cost twice less experience to upgrade than all other skills. Character Skills. Each character has access to 16 skills providing various bonuses: Melee Weapons Handguns Rifles The first 3 skills affect the character's ability to wield a specific weapon type and increase its damage in % growing with the skill level. Strategy Increases damage dealt by each army unit. Leadership Increases the number of army units that can act simultaneously during each combat wave. Fitness Increases the amount of Stamina your character has and provides a health boost to all army units stationed on the character's base. Medicine Increases regeneration rate of all characters assigned to the same base and allows healing wounded army units in combat. Exploration Increases the number of experience gained from land captures. Explosives Increases the damage from carried explosives and a chance to detonate them in combat. Unlike regular weapons (Melee, Handguns or Rifles) Explosives only have a small chance to be used during each combat wave, but once they are they deal a much greater amount of damage. Chance to detonate an explosive depends on the current skill level. Every character can equip up to 2 explosive items. Bomb disposal This skill allows a character to intercept an attempt to use an explosive by the enemy. Chance to disarm an explosive grows with the skill level, same as the Explosives skill increases the chance of detonation. Sabotage Upgrading this skill increases the chance to sabotage enemy defences in the beginning of a combat wave, which disables all sentries and negates all of the defence bonuses provided by enemy perks and walls. So even if you are protected by dozens of sandbags a successful sabotage attempt will make them completely useless until the end of this battle or until the defences are reactivated using the Repair skill. The skill also works against the attacker and can disable their Tactician perk bonus. Repair A counter-skill for Sabotage activating immediately when a Sabotage attempt is made. If successful, prevents your defences from being deactivated. However, if the initial attempt fails, characters with this skill will continue trying to reactivate the defences after each combat wave. Stamina is only consumed upon a successful repair. Additionally, Repair lowers the cost of repairs (by up to 95%) for all damaged structures such as walls. Logistics Decreases cooldown between army battles and reduces the amount of time between the offensive structure attacks (e.g. Guard Towers). Additionally, decreases cooldown for the Assembly Plant, allowing to produce items more frequently. On top of that, this skill lowers the amount of fatal damage in combat (see below) and increases the percent of damage that becomes treatable by medics. Construction Decreases costs and time of all construction. Economy Increases the amount of resources collected via "Pick up" or from the resource stations. Diplomacy Provides all assigned characters with experience as soon as any picked up resource is shared with allies. The more allies your resources are shared with, the greater is the experience bonus modifier. Shared resource amount determines the base amount of experience gained, which is then increased by the bonus modifier. Skill levels in Diplomacy increase the number of allies considered when sharing (i.e. the bonus modifier up to x10; minimum being 1) and also determine the % from the shared resource amount that is transformed into experience. Diplomacy level of 40 means that 40% of the shared resource amount is added as experience points. Diplomacy level of 200 transforms 200% of the shared resource amount into experience. Additional skill descriptions are provided in the game. In addition to skill upgrades purchased using experience points, your current skill level is affected by a character attribute associated with that skill. Attribute amounts above 100 will provide a skill level bonus per character level. However, attributes below 100 are considered "below average" and instead create skill penalties that will also grow as your character level advances. Attributes. Each character has 5 attributes that determine their predisposition to certain skills: Strength Dexterity Constitution Intellect Charisma Skills affected by these attributes are illustrated in the game on the "Skills" window of a collected character. New Combat Mechanics. Combat mechanics and formulas have been overhauled and rewritten. From now on, every army unit has a certain amount of health (boosted by the Fitness skill of the accompanying characters) and each soldier deals a range of damage (affected by the Strategy skill). However, only a certain % of damage (affected by character Logistics) dealt at the end of the combat wave is fatal and kills enemy units: the rest is considered to be treatable wounds and rolls over into the next round. At the beginning of the round any characters with at least 1 Medicine level will attempt to treat army wounds and can restore army health. Any untreated wounds from the previous round become fatal at the end of the next round. All character interactions are automated and healing happens without your intervention as long as characters have enough stamina. Combat wave interval has been decreased to 5 minutes (previously 10 minutes). Defence bonus from walls of any kind and the Tactician perk no longer provides a dice-based survival chance, but instead translates into a direct %-based damage reduction, lowering all incoming damage from all sources. Army cost has been increased to 5 supplies and 1 personnel per soldier. Sentries. Sentry towers no longer have a %-based chance to slay a certain amount of soldiers, but instead deal regular damage increased by their level. Sentry damage is affected by the same combat rules as army and character damage, and may not be 100% fatal. Perk adjustments. "Pathfinder" now affects the collection distance for Characters, Items and Quests, all of which can be picked up via the small hand button on their description tooltips or using the big "Pick up" button at the bottom of Earth view. "Counterstrike" now adds +100 damage per level to your army attacks. Combat log. Combat actions will send much fewer push notifications upon every wave end. Instead, combat screen now features a "Combat log" section describing everything that happened during each round in detail (including any character skill use attempts). Combat UI has also been rebuilt and will now list characters participating from all sides (with the ability to view their details by tapping on the character icon) and includes additional information about the active armies. Multiple characters attacking the same land will see action details of all sides in the combat log, while the defending base owner's log will contain records about actions of all armies that are currently invading their lands. Please note that some legacy activity (such as the building damage details) is still recorded in your messages and the appropriate combat log items will be gradually introduced to the game in the future. This update also introduces a number of miscellaneous fixes and adjustments (you will notice some new icons here and there), and performance improvements (especially in "My Lands"). Please note that although I did invest a significant amount of time in designing the new formulas and illustrating various outcomes in spreadsheets, I am conscious that much of this data is based on hypothetical scenarios and I could only experience them in the game from a limited range of test accounts. I am aware that we have some really powerful veterans in "Domination: Earth" with an enormous amount of bases and resources, and some very new players at the same time, so everyone's experience will be different and I am counting on your feedback to make things fair and balanced. Accordingly, please be prepared that any new formulas are subject to change in the near future based on the community feedback and any reports of issues. Finally, please report any problems with text localisations as most of the new non-English texts were provided by automated translation tools. And of course, any general (and especially positive! ) feedback is greatly appreciated and do post if you have any questions!
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