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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I've decided to post a small update on our state of things not to leave you in the dark. Some of you read the following post I made recently: This is still the case and I'm afraid I cannot promise any progress in the next few weeks, as I am currently sitting on a bunch of boxes with all my stuff in transit to a very remote part of the world that I hope to start calling "home" after the 20th of November. I also have no clue as to when I regain internet access and get back to the normal work schedule, so it's hard to predict how soon exactly the development will resume. There are also both good and bad news regarding DE 2.0: Unfortunately, our initial plan didn't exactly work out and the development team we brought on-board to build a brand new game using Unity failed to deliver the anticipated level of quality. We've had to terminate our relationship early as I noticed that the product we were receiving was inferior in terms of functionality and contained even more issues despite a much more complex code base that was becoming harder and harder to maintain and develop. I am fairly disappointed in the outcome and the amount of time / funding invested into this fruitless side-project, but on the upside I got myself a break from development so I'm just going to have to treat this as an "unplanned holiday". Yes, this means that you are once again stuck with me as a sole developer and we are proceeding with plan B as I implement all the new designs in the existing game engine. The obvious drawbacks of this solution is that we probably won't see any 3D rendering capabilities in the game for a while and Android support will remain at version 4.4+ ("Domination: Earth" 1 just can't function on Androids below 4.4 anymore). However, this also means a lot less development in total as I won't need to rebuild the game from the ground up. Last month before I started the "grand move across the ocean" I managed to transform a number of existing screens and implemented roughly 20% of the new designs already, and would like to share with you some previews on what exactly we are working towards: Of course, every device and screen are different, and many things are yet to be finalized so the actual results may vary, but you can get the sense of the overall picture. As always, and feedback and questions are welcome.
  2. I'm loving the game so far, although I wish it had a bigger following. Perhaps an invite link for users to give out to their friends would be beneficial. The user would get a little reward for inviting someone. It's something I've seen other apps do. Might be a cool idea.
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