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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Because of the fact that our GPS adjustments introduced in 1.17.5 worked really well on some devices, but "not so much" on others, another update has been released that is aimed at balancing things out. 1.17.6 is now available on the Play Store; if you were among the victims of GPS issues in 1.17.5 please download this patch ASAP and let me know if the situation improves for you!
  2. Hi all, As many of you know, our yesterday's release of the new Mapbox-based map didn't really go so well as many old Android devices turned out to be incapable of running it. Accordingly, we're now discontinuing the use of Mapbox GL and moving onto another map service provider, which should perform much better across all devices and also work on Android 4.4 and Android 5. Additionally, captured land shape is back to being circular again. If you are experiencing any issues with the Earth View tab (GPS coordinate loading not going away or crashing the game, general slowdowns and lags while scrolling the map around etc.) please get version 1.13 as soon as you can. As always, any feedback is very much appreciated.
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