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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, You may have noticed a period of silence and a reduced frequency of updates from me recently, so it's perfectly natural to start wondering "what's going on?". Well, the time has come to shed some light on what's happening behind the scenes here at Epic Dragon and also a bit about our future plans! As many of you know, all our games to date were developed exclusively by myself, which means that I am the biggest bottleneck of progress when something goes wrong in my schedule or when I need to attend to other matters (e.g. provide forum support or review cheater reports ). For the first time in Epic Dragon's history this is going to change (at last)! Our team is expanding and welcomes a designated UX/UI expert and a 2D artist, as well as a new developer who will be in charge of the Android & iOS app development. But that's not all: as I mentioned a few times on the forum I have begun working on some large changes (some of which included a UI update for the new alliance system), one thing led to another and... it's been decided that the current UI as a whole and the underlying app platform are just not good enough (and frankly look a bit too messy to accommodate all the new systems!). Which is why we've decided to pause all development on "Domination: Earth" 1.19 and our new team will now begin working on "Domination: Earth 2", a brand new app rewritten from scratch using an entirely different set of technologies. No need to worry, "Domination 2" is planned to be 100% backwards/forwards compatible and all of the accounts & existing progress will remain; once the 2.0 is released it will be distributed as an update to the current app replacing it on your device; any previous versions will remain functional, but simply won't include any of the new stuff. None of the game rules will change, but every single aspect of the game is planned to receive a visual overhaul: we've decided that the new Domination will be a bit more "sci-fi focused" than the current version and we are basing it on the Unity engine (the stuff that our competitors like "Pokemon Go" are running). This does not mean that the new app will include 3D graphics (at least not initially ), but it does open a lot of potential for improved interface animations and a more "game-like" atmosphere overall. There are no further details I can disclose right now as we're in a too early stage of this development, but we do aim to finish it within 6 months and hoping for it to become a Christmas present for all our fans. Of course, I will continue to provide support for the old version while 2.0 is being built and some minor releases are to be expected from time to time. But all of the larger features (e.g. alliance and combat updates) have now shifted into 2.0 as there's little sense in investing our time in something that will cease to exist after the 2.0's launch. As always, please do not hesitate to post any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
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