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  1. Hi all, As of today we're trying out a new variant of game mechanics implemented as a result of multiple suggestions indicating problems with allies being unable to capture the same piece of land: this restriction makes it hard for new players to join when their friends are already playing actively in the same city, plus makes the game playable for only 1 person out of a group of friends travelling together. But as you may remember, prior to that restriction we've been receiving complaints essentially stating that "circles within circles within circles is nothing but a big confusing mess", so we've had to look for a compromise. Accordingly, the following game mechanics changes are now in place (no app updates are required to be downloaded, this change is server-side): Allies can once again capture land in the same spot and are no longer restricted by each other. Among all nested lands only the highest level is seen. You will always see your land (regardless of its level), but all other viewers will only see the highest level land captured by one of the allies. If you are the owner of the biggest piece of land you will not see any nested lands of other allies within, but you will see smaller enemy lands in your territory. Accordingly, if I'm looking at a bunch of nested 3rd party lands of people whom I don't know, I will only see the biggest one and to attack the smaller lands I'll have to deal with the big one first. If one of the smaller nested lands is mine I will see it plus the biggest land within which it's located (so I always know how many more levels I need for my land to become the largest/visible one). If I am the owner of the biggest land I will only see enemy lands inside it. I know this new logic may seem hard to process at first, but I'm hopeful that it will bring the cooperative spirit back into "Domination: Earth" and helps all the new players starting in overpopulated areas. On top of these changes a bunch of fixes has been released improving the accuracy of base radius (some players complained that their land capture attempts still increase base defences even though visually players are located outside the base circle) and allowing to upgrade lands positioned within your base radius: as long as the upgraded land is closer to yourself than the base center your land capture will target that land instead of a base. Please post if you have any questions or feedback!
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