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Found 4 results

  1. So I got attacked by 2 different ppl, seemingly at the exact same time, separated by several tanks of gas. I lost several towers that I'd put ubt into to defend an area to one, and i don't know how many flags to the other because i got no notifications. All problems that we All have with current war mechanics aside, the notifications Have to Work. Another problem I'm having now, that Kell has been having for a while, is map filtering. My base is being attacked by towers that don't show up on the map because we're under a Very Impressive flag. Even going to the filters and turning everything except enemy lands off isn't working. I only found the towers once (not the second or third time) by clicking on the message when the towers attacked. I'm sure there will be other smaller things if my rash doesn't suddenly disappear again, but this needs to be said now. (Is there some timer on notifications? I put the game down for 2 days and they stop? Because now that I'm retaliating it wants me to know there's somebody coming 🤨
  2. When I hit the flag button there's usually the little msg in the gray window that says rss's have spawned into the area and it'll cycle through 2 or 3 msgs fairly quickly. I haven't seen it all day. I've also been trying to pay attention after flagging and I haven't seen any rss's spawn into the map. I've asked a few ppl to verify, one said it works and another said it wasn't. I don't really have any more details than that besides I picked up lucky drop 2 last night (which would have something to do with extra msgs at least)
  3. On quite a few occasions after an update, I've been under attack without knowing as the notification settings had changed like the last update which was done automatically and I wasn't aware of until I read the forum and as it had been already done I assumed my notifications would have also stayed on but they had been turned off. Another issue after one of the previous updates is if I look at the menu leaderboards or forum I can't always get the menu to disappear once the map is back on the screen and it gets stuck on the map page.
  4. Hi, Maybe the combat notification system will be modified soon, in this case this post doesn't matter. I disabled the combat notifications because the notifications every 10 minutes were too annoying. What I really care is only the outcome of the entire battle. Since I cannot attack again for 1 hour, I don't need a notification, I just go to check the battle result within 1 hour. However I realised that I may miss attacks from other players, something that never occurred so far. So maybe the notification settings might be more specific, allowing to enable/disable more cases: total outcome of the battle, attacks from other players, and maybe, if anyone is interested, the partial result of the attack waves. For me, just taking off the notifications for every single wave would be enough, and I would find useful all the other notifications. Maybe also some other player can say what is useful for them and what is not.
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