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  1. Great stuff! A quick clarification though, this means that we can flag an area every 15 mins but to claim them we still have to wait 15 mins (online) each as well? And will base relocation work in offline mode eventually?
  2. So long story short, I'm at a new friends place and it backs up to wetlands, so i wanted to throw a drone out to the waterline so i can build a flag while we're sitting around for good times. I used a map tool to figure out my range and dropped a drone where i thought it would be 480-some meters away, but i was actually well over. The drone is effectively wasted. I know the popularity of the drone has been more for outposts in other countries, but I'd still like a "meters away" tag on the spot before confirming a drone drop. I think it would make drones more valuable for people
  3. This is a real thing. I too have changed my play style in an effort to stretch out Any and All playability, and disappearing utilities is kind of a big part of that. I'd really like to see a something like a toggle or a multiple choice along the lines of "Do you want to keep the utility or lose it in the merge?" (Getting base points for merging it in would be totally copacetic too! 😁👍)
  4. So can we get the little popup notification that a resource has spawned (on flagging action) back? Some of us have developed a Pavlovian relationship to it and are experiencing mild withdrawal now that it's gone. 🐶 Also it would help us know if we've maxed out on generating a particular resource. We're guessing it's 100 of each but have no way to tell (except ask of course 😁)
  5. Very interesting stuff here Mr D. Everyone in the discord is figuring out different aspects of it. So without going into other commentary, everyone was wondering if there was a confirmation dialog, or if it would tell you what the cost was before clicking so you can do a gut check. And I found out, to the tune of 800 travel points (spent on a maxed utility no less 😕), that there is no confirmation dialog. Some of us have some relatively weighty holdings and could begrudgingly soak a mistake, but if a newer player lost 10% of a resource because their phone was bouncing around in their
  6. This is getting confusing. What i think happened to max has happened to me and is fairly repeatable. I attack the ai and the ai will launch a counter attack on me while the first battle is still going. I'm pretty sure we can't do that but I'll try to test it. It should be noted that this has an associated problem, namely when you have attacked a tower or a missile silo and the ai counterattacks, when they run out of troops and lose their counter it also stops your attack on the structure and you have to start over in an hour. I'm not sure about King's part though, you said it was possibl
  7. My point wasnt saying that i overpayed at the time. My point was that at the time i paid for exactly what i wanted. And considering that you intend to leave the number of active charges the same but have reduced the starting carry limit, now i don't have what i wanted in the first place. So it isn't that i didn't overpay, it's that now I've paid for something i wouldn't want in the first place. There's no reason i would ever want to spend ubt such that i have half a stack of inventory space.. just because. And at the levels i was spending, the amount was not insignificant. My po
  8. Gotta tell ya Dan, this doesn't look like a good idea. Historically you've been very reasonable about avoiding areas that encourage spending ubt, this isn't one of them. Now we have a situation where we can stack 10x items but can only hold 5. The immediate assumption is "well I guess I have to buy the other 5 now" (cue the eye rolling) The other less obvious choice that players will get to is having to go pick up items from their base area, leave, equip them and then come back for 5 more, which really just feels like a deliberate waste of my time. Truthfully, I'm reluctant to e
  9. So, true to form, the discord has been a Hot Mess since we read the update. There's a Lot of discussion about the direction of "progress" and also a bit of debate about the future of the game as the "Spirit of the Game" has come up again; I feel like these are not two truly distinct things. So the matter at hand, and what i think will ultimately decide much of the conversations going forward, is what kind of game is this Really? What Exactly do you want this to be? We know it's a little bit travel game, we know it's a little bit flag your area game and we know it's a little bit "i ca
  10. There's no way to tell, in advance, how many troops the FoT has. You can start a fight, then see how many they have, and retreat. But if you continue flagging out there more ppl in the area playing the number may be more or less by the time you go back. On average, for new players without perks, i recommend having at Least 25% more troops then you're going to fight. So if you look and see 100 bring 125.
  11. Yep, that's it. If you switch between viewed bases, like when following messages about flag attacks 8 different states, it'll start failing usually by the 3rd or 4th. Galaxy note 10+
  12. You know, really, just don't even reply. The notifications thing is real but i just had to step down from a war because the mechanics are just insufferable. Not being able to defend while attacking, bases having Zero offense outside of premium currency and unable to defend from towers beyond repairing your concrete wall, which brings up the interface, and while i like the new design, is Not optimized for much of anything. It's 3 screens and loading times to get to a repair screen. It's 3 screens and loading times to get to troop generation. The tiles are not, in fact, loading correct
  13. Ha! It was the FoT cause i took my flag back 😆
  14. So I got attacked by 2 different ppl, seemingly at the exact same time, separated by several tanks of gas. I lost several towers that I'd put ubt into to defend an area to one, and i don't know how many flags to the other because i got no notifications. All problems that we All have with current war mechanics aside, the notifications Have to Work. Another problem I'm having now, that Kell has been having for a while, is map filtering. My base is being attacked by towers that don't show up on the map because we're under a Very Impressive flag. Even going to the filters and turning everythi
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