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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I have received a wave of emails / PMs and forum notifications about a new issue that appeared this morning; as many of you know it manifested in a form of "freezing land captures" (or "freezing upgrades") where pressing any of the Flag buttons resulted in a "Please wait..." message, but nothing else. This issue was caused by the fact that the OpenStreetMap servers used to identify your location got overloaded and were not responding to some requests, hence the issue was intermittent. Unfortunately, such quality of service is unacceptable for our needs, so we're once again moving to a different Geocoding provider: OpenCage. Version 1.19.6 implements this change and replaces OSM with OpenCage Geocoding, so if you are suffering from "capture freezes" please download the update as soon as you can. Additionally, we've implemented dynamic provider switching, so if the same happens with OpenCage again in the future we will be able to substitute it with another service provider without requiring you to download any more updates. Finally, you will now see a bit more diversity in land names as they will now include street & road names where applicable. 1.19.6 is now available on the Play Store and App Store. As always, please post if you have any questions or concerns!
  2. Hi all, You may remember that I promised an updated map style by the end of this week, so here goes! Unfortunately, I've had to pause development of a custom "Domination: Earth" OSM style, as it's starting to take longer than anticipated and I'd hate to not release any new features in the next couple of weeks because of that (and then there's Easter, we can't miss that!). However, I remembered a lot of positive feedback about our previous Google Maps style and decided to bring it back! As mentioned previously, we can't have multiple OSM styles (as they're ludicrously expensive to host), but we can still use Google Maps in parallel to OSM, which means... * drum roll * Please welcome the new profile setting named "Map Style" allowing to choose between Google and OSM (current black theme) map! All accounts have been set to use Google map by default, but you can switch back to OSM if preferred. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback! P.S. The update is now available on the Play Store and App Store.
  3. Hi all, A large update has just been released to the Play Store (App Store release will follow separately), featuring the following changes: As some of you are aware, many of our in-game crashes are caused by Google Maps and some of its code that is outside of our control to fix. Which is why we've attempted to move away from Google Maps and introduced Mapbox (OpenStreetMap). Its performance is slightly inferior to Google Maps's, but stability should be a lot higher, especially on older devices and Android versions 6 or below. If no new issues arise with this map provider it's likely to stay as a permanent replacement to Google Maps. New land tooltips! When you click on a flag or a building seen on Earth View you will now see a new, better looking tooltip with buttons at the bottom of it. You no longer need to use context menu to trade or attack lands, all that can now be done from the tooltip window directly. Targeted land upgrades: It is now possible to select which land you want to upgrade by pressing the flag button on its tooltip window. The old flag button still works in the same way as before, but if you're standing in the middle of a nested land with lots of smaller lands inside you can pick any of those lands to be upgraded as long as it is within 500m from yourself. Accordingly, pressing the flag button on a base's tooltip will increase that base's defences instead. "Follow mode" for Earth View camera: tapping the new yellow button in the upper right corner of Earth View centers camera around your current position. However, long press in the middle of that button (for approx. 1 second) enables the "follow mode", which means that the camera will automatically re-position around the blue dot whenever it moves. Resource and building icon position adjusted: actual spot where a resource/building is located is now positioned in the middle of an image (i.e. its center), not at its bottom. Additionally, tooltip window appearing when you tap a resource or a building will pinpoint its exact location on the map (look for the "pointed tip" of the window). Captured lands are now hexagonal! We really loved our circles, but unfortunately they had to go as hexagons perform much better within Mapbox and many more of these can be shown without slowing the game down. However, collection radius and all relevant mechanics are still based on circles, this is just a visual change. GPS accuracy has been improved slightly, but please post if you encounter the opposite! Many sources of crashes and permanent screen freezes have been eliminated, but as we only have a limited set of devices for testing any feedback about that aspect is greatly appreciated! Please post if the game started crashing less for you, if it's gotten worse or if you can't see any difference. And as always, do not hesitate to post if you have any questions!
  4. I just started the game and noticed the game uses Google maps, which means my city is about 3-5 years behind reality.. Any chances the game could use Openstreetmap instead? Since anyone can edit OSM users in areas where map coverage is bad can simply fix their area. This also means that players of this game who decide to fix the map would contribute to every other service that uses OSM. Simply put, the more things that use OSM, the more everyone benefits.
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