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Found 1 result

  1. I was wondering if there is a way you can make the battle mechanics more fair. As I am a new player, I never get a chance to do anything because this guy in my area rated level 20, I'm just 8 going on to level 9- 10..but this way higher level guy keeps attacking and taking my 1 or 2 little lands I have to expand but I can't expand bcuz all he does I swear to God is send troops towards me every single hour of the day..when the battle ends an hour later he does it again..over n over. It's just getting to the point where the constant attacks is annoying and also way outta hand now. And now that you made it possible to build basically a circle land and set defences on it..there is no way ever I will win.. In all honesty..it's making me wanna quit because there is no chance or leeway for me to advance..and despite I had level 19..I still think it's unfair to anybody who has the advantage over you no matter what u do..he destroys or takes everything I own..every little land i pick up..he takes away instantly forcing me not to grow...basically I have nothing now but my base and my 1 little spot beside my base. I was level 18 base once but a player decides to use 2000+ soldiers and all their guard towers and all their nukes they possibly have to take me down back to level 1 base. Now what I think is not fair is that someone can costantly attack you 24 hrs a day..7 days a weak..picking on the little guys. I really think you should have a better system where bigger players can't bash smaller players so often...maybe set level differences for battles..example..level 20 can't attack 10 but can attack anyone 5 levels above or below him.. This way it gives us a chance to grow and enjoy the game..the game is definitely not enjoyable when a bigger player constantly bashes you as a small player. The only thing I truly hate about this game is that super high level players can attack and take everything u own and just leave u with a level 1 base..after working so hard for that level 18 base..now down to level 1 in 25 waves in a 2 hr span just nuking and tower shooting and sending troops to my actual base. Is there a way you can change the battle mechanic sequence? Is there a way you can set attacks on a person per day to not unlimited times? Like..maybe he can attack me only 1 or 3 per day as a Lil player? That way we have a chance to expand and enjoy the game? I'm telling you one thing..if you mention "oh that's why u must reach lev 10 for pvp"...understandable but still very unfair for players who abuse the bashing power..such as 1 person I know that is very selfish and abuses this power constantly and every single minute and hour of the day.
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