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Found 2 results

  1. It's been some talking about the combat in the game lately. Relays etc looks delicious to conquer. What if we had defence and attack options/doctrine. Soft defence=normal defence as always Hard defence=really good defence, but infrastructure get a little destroyed or damaged. Soft attack=as normal attack Hard attack=better attack, but infrastructure gets damaged so you wouldn't really want to use this unless you don't want relays etc. Live to figth another day doctrine=a small debuff to combat, but possibly for soldiers to survive to figth another day. In the long run this would be good. Field hospital=better buff for surviving. Combat engineer=repairs relays etc if not lost the battle (automatically draws some supplies to fix). FOT should not do damage to infrastructure. Scout troop defend land with no base, probably should be a 10scout cap. Lots of perks could be made like armour perk. Better survival rate. Expeditionary force= could be requested from allies or set to auto send. A building in capital that holds 42 expeditionary troops that can be sendt outside base range to allies.
  2. Hi all, Version 1.5.0 of "Domination: Earth" will become available to all devices as an update later this evening and features the following changes: Picked up resources are now shared upon collection with any active alliance members nearby. Alliance members have to be within a 500m radius from you and must have used the app within the last hour to be considered active. Picking up resources is now possible to do at any time without waiting. Capturing Land still works exactly as before, but while waiting for the 15 minute timer to reach zero you can now use the "Pick Up Resources" button to collect any resources laying around instantly. It is possible to view enemies and resources surrounding any land in your possession by tapping on its info tooltip. Your captured lands allowing this feature are now marked with green flags. Resource icon size will now vary depending on the amount of resources in it. 1% chance of "supersized" resources appearing on the map containing unusually large amounts. Each "supersized" resource will appear as a big icon on the map and contain at least x10 more resource on average. Usage of "Capture Land" that results in new resources appearing on the map will now show a notification telling you what exactly has been added. Automatic in-app updates will now only occur when your device is connected to wi-fi. There are many more features planned for "Domination: Earth", so stay tuned for more updates!
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