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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, all. After played game few days, i hav some idaes. 1. (Pic1). When i'm stand at the blue piont. I can upgrade the land "Two". But then the land "two" have a maximum level of the current buildings. I can't bulding new element from blue point. I'm must out from the circle of the land "one". Bulding new element and continue upgrade land "two". I thing will be good, if the land showed on the picture as a wave belonged to the land "two". 2. about warehouse. For examole. I have 10/10 items in player and 10 items (lev 1 warehouse ) on the warehouse. I can't make the change items between the player and the warehouse. I must go out from the base, use 1,2,3 items and after returne to the base and make a rotation of items. I think it's absurd.
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