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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, Another exciting update is going to appear on the Play Store shortly (and we're still waiting for the App Store to catch up; will post again once the update is available for iOS too ). Version 1.18 features the following changes: Czech language! Special thanks goes to @Bilescu for a super-quick translation! Content for Easter 2018, which is due to start on Friday (30th of March 2018) and last until the 8th of April 2018. You will not see any changes yet, but I will create a separate thread soon describing what exactly is going to happen. Brand new Leaderboards system! We're moving away from Google Play Games at last, which means that both platforms (Android and iOS) will have equal access to our Leaderboards. Our own version of Leaderboards is based on your in-game Display Names and Lands Titles (and it is not possible to opt out of being displayed there ), so you'll know exactly who's the boss around. On top of that, regional Leaderboards are now available, listing the same information per country: country-specific boards are accessible via a new button appearing on the "Country Stats" tooltip (binoculars icon on Earth View). For instance, if you have 5 square kilometers captured in the US and 50 square kilometers in the UK, your combined total of 55 square km will appear on the global "Land Area (m2)" leaderboard, but you can still see how much land you have in each of those countries individually. Regional boards that contain generic information (e.g. Richest Lands) will only list players with lands/bases in the selected country, but the score will be the same in all of them (as you cannot have different amounts of Money in different countries ). Three new Leaderboards are now available: 1. Lands Captured: listing unique lands captured globally/in the selected country (regardless of their size). 2. Top Peacekeepers: listing the most prolific fighters against terror. 3. Points of Fame: listing the leaders of PvP combat. All leaderboard contents update once every 24 hours. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
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