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Found 1 result

  1. Edited: the update is now live; please get version 1.15 on the Play Store (App Store will be updated within the next few days). Hi all, A fairly large game-changing update is about to be released and will affect the core land capture mechanics. It's now available on the Play Store/App Store yet (I will post again once it's live), but because of the fact that it's a pretty massive change to the way things work I thought an advance "heads-up" is on order. Before I list the actual changes I wanted to explain "why" these adjustments are being made. in my continuous effort to make things easier to understand I've come across a number of issues & frequently asked questions that many players are struggling with, such as: When is a new land captured and when is an upgrade performed? How far does a land's "upgrade influence" extend and how far do I need to go to capture a new flag? How to merge level 100+ lands and what priority is given to more than 2 lands occupying the same space? How far do I need to go from a level 200+ center to capture new land? And last, but not least: How do I get rid of those pesky level 1 lands scattered across my level 100+ land? To answer these questions and to solve the associated issues I've decided to give players a bit more "control" over what's going on an eliminate many of the "invisible radiuses" causing so much confusion & frustration currently. Accordingly: The "500m upgrade radius" no longer exists. Lands will extend as far as their circle and that's it. This means that you can plant as many small lands next to each other as you want, and an upgrade will be performed only if you're standing completely inside this land's circle or target that land using the "Remote Upgrade" manually (the smaller "Flag" button on a land's tooltip). If you're standing inside a level 1000 land (or any level 100+, for that matter) you will actually have to go beyond its visible border to establish a new land. No more "nested lands" (circles within circles). Lands of any level can now be merged. This means that a level 3 land standing next to a level 2 land merges into a level 5 land as soon as their borders touch (+- 5 meters). It is no longer possible to keep upgrading your land if it touches or is located within a larger land. E.g. a nested level 5 land located inside a level 20 land cannot be upgraded and will display the appropriate message. However, its parent level 20 land can merge the aforementioned level 5 with itself and become a level 25. There are two ways to merge lands now: 1. Using any of the Flag buttons ("Remote Upgrade" or the big "Capture Land" flag on Earth View, if you are standing inside the merging land). If you target a land that contains or touches a smaller land, next upgrade that you perform will merge such lands with their parent, one land at a time. I.e. if the land contains 5 nested lands within, 5 upgrades will be required to merge all of them. Please note that the parent land has to meet all the building requirements for the level it's about to become before it can merge one of the smaller lands (i.e. you'll have to upgrade your sandbag walls and towers before the merge can begin). Merging lands in such way will trigger the 15 minute upgrade timer, generate & collect resources nearby and provoke actions by the Ai (where appropriate). 2. Using the new "Magnet" button located on each land's tooltip. "Magnet Merge" can be used on any remote lands (it does not require you to be within 500m from the targeted land), it does not start the 15 minute upgrade timer and can be performed multiple times in a row. Additionally, "Magnet Merge" attempts to merge all of the smaller & adjacent lands at the same time (instead of one by one), which is useful for consolidating level 500+ lands with dozens of smaller lands within. However, it does not trigger resource collection, no new resources appear after using "Magnet Merge" and the Ai won't notice a thing. Upgrade costs: Because of the fact that high-level lands can now be merged with any number of smaller lands at any time, it is now required to pay an "upgrade charge" for every merge resulting in level above 100. Cost to upgrade a level 100+ land depends on its resulting level and equals to 1 Money and 1.10 Supply per level of land. I.e. to upgrade a level 100 land to level 150 by merging 50 nested level 1 lands you will have to pay 150 Money and 15 Supplies. It doesn't cost anything extra to upgrade lands below level 100 (e.g. a level 49 and level 50 lands together). If you are using the "Magnet Merge" a pop-up displaying the associated merge costs will appear before the actual merge happens. However, if you use the "Flag" button the merge will be attempted straight away, so make sure to check the "Magnet Merge" window if you're unsure whether there is anything around to merge. The auto-merge has been added primarily for users of the pre-1.15 apps that won't have the "Magnet Merge" button and will be stuck with non-upgradeable lands otherwise (unfortunately, too many players download game updates weeks after their initial release). I understand that this is quite an impactful change and a lot of information to process, but I hope that in the end it will make the land capture mechanics a bit more apparent and manually manageable. As always, please do not hesitate to post if you have any questions!
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