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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, A large update has just been released to the Play Store (App Store release will follow separately), featuring the following changes: As some of you are aware, many of our in-game crashes are caused by Google Maps and some of its code that is outside of our control to fix. Which is why we've attempted to move away from Google Maps and introduced Mapbox (OpenStreetMap). Its performance is slightly inferior to Google Maps's, but stability should be a lot higher, especially on older devices and Android versions 6 or below. If no new issues arise with this map provider i
  2. Hi all, I have received a wave of emails / PMs and forum notifications about a new issue that appeared this morning; as many of you know it manifested in a form of "freezing land captures" (or "freezing upgrades") where pressing any of the Flag buttons resulted in a "Please wait..." message, but nothing else. This issue was caused by the fact that the OpenStreetMap servers used to identify your location got overloaded and were not responding to some requests, hence the issue was intermittent. Unfortunately, such quality of service is unacceptable for our needs, so we're once aga
  3. Hi all, You may remember that I promised an updated map style by the end of this week, so here goes! Unfortunately, I've had to pause development of a custom "Domination: Earth" OSM style, as it's starting to take longer than anticipated and I'd hate to not release any new features in the next couple of weeks because of that (and then there's Easter, we can't miss that!). However, I remembered a lot of positive feedback about our previous Google Maps style and decided to bring it back! As mentioned previously, we can't have multiple OSM styles (as they're ludicrously expensive
  4. I just started the game and noticed the game uses Google maps, which means my city is about 3-5 years behind reality.. Any chances the game could use Openstreetmap instead? Since anyone can edit OSM users in areas where map coverage is bad can simply fix their area. This also means that players of this game who decide to fix the map would contribute to every other service that uses OSM. Simply put, the more things that use OSM, the more everyone benefits.
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