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  1. Hi all, I've spotted an interesting conversation in Discord a few weeks ago about "us" (Epic Dragon) with lots of strange assumptions, so I've decided to clear the air and explain our history / "who we are" in a bit more details. Epic Dragon as a company launched in the UK (Norwich) in 2013 (5 years ago) and until the beginning of 2017 our focus was primarily on building & maintaining the Flamefrost MMORPG (www.flamefrost.com). Our team has always been quite small and initially it was just me (I have built both of our games from scratch), then a freelance artist joined us temporarily along with our CVO (the source of many incredible ideas and a QA for mine ). Sometime around Flamefrost's launch we even made a video illustrating who does what exactly. In 2017 thanks to the launch of "Domination: Earth" we've been able to expand some more and invited @JennyTerritory to take over the marketing aspects of that game, as I just couldn't do everything on my own anymore. So any posts you see on Facebook & Twitter are most likely Jen's. Same as with Flamefrost, our current graphical assets were made by a freelance artist (a different one this time), but we don't have a permanent artist in our team and usually find one whenever we need some new materials. Unfortunately, the reason why I started "Domination: Earth" was that Flamefrost wasn't successful enough as a business product: although I do love that game with passion and would be happy to work on it for many more years it has been deemed to be too "niche", i.e. aimed at a too narrow audience, which led to problems in acquiring new players and keeping them interested; we have invested £££,£££ in advertising and after 2 years of operation the game still continued to generate more debts than income (we haven't recovered most of our investments). Because of that we've shifted our focus to "Domination: Earth" completely, which (thankfully!) is doing a lot better than Flamefrost (that remains a free community-driven & community-maintained game). "Domination: Earth" has achieved 50,000+ downloads in the first 3 months after launch and is now supporting its own and Flamefrost's hardware financially. I'm currently still burning through my personal savings to keep the team together (I am literally the only person in the company who doesn't get paid ), which is why I occasionally engage in fundraising (or just have a 2nd/3rd job, so if I'm inactive online then I'm probably looking for a way to pay my bills again ), but I'm hopeful that this is only temporary and DE's growth in the last few months supports that theory. There are no plans to build new games in the near future as "Domination: Earth" is doing incredibly well and I am completely in love with it (as well as with our community ); my task list is full of great ideas and I believe that the project can & will grow further, while our team expand in the next couple of years (so if you are interested in working with us and have any game-related talents make sure to let me know! ). So that's pretty much it! As always, please do not hesitate to ask questions; I'm always happy to talk and provide you with more accurate information than Discord rumours.
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