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  1. Hi Mr. D, what do you think to make the ally flags in a different color, e.g blue or yellow, in order to distinguish them from the enemies flags?
  2. Well now I wonder which state is that! Is it really Catalonia?
  3. It would be better if it was more realistic. i.e. the fake state with no name in Barcelona. Moreover the location of the binoculars is sometimes funny, not in the country capital. But if it depends on Google, we cannot do anything about.
  4. Hi, If I tap the green flag and choose to capture land on the tooltip, it says that it is too far away. However, if I press the yellow flag button on the screen, it automatically chooses that land and upgrades it.
  5. Well so I was apparently unlucky because it happened twice to me that the AI base is not destroyed and become invisible. So next time I will have to make some calculations and maybe stop an attack early to be sure that the last attack will destroy the base. Are you sure that this is how the game should work? Regarding the overall strenght of AI it's ok for me to wait and re-evaluate it in future.
  6. I know the number of soldiers because I attack, then I can see how many they are. Then they are too many and I withdrow. Anyway I understood that I never destroyed the first AI base. It just went down to level 1 and became invisible! So it is impossible to destroy an AI base, unless you have an army so large that it can damage the last two levels in a single attack.
  7. I destroyed an AI base. After 3 days (not a week, as was announced) I saw another base lvl 3 with more than 100 soldiers. I don't rememember exactly the numbers, but it was like 130 against my 150. My army was completely destroyed and the base survived. Now I send soldiers as soon as I have any because I want to prevent the formation of another big army. However he already built a guard tower, so I have to destroy also that, and it takes a lot of time, since I have not a big army. Well, I will manage whatever I need to go on in the game, but probably some people will find the AI presence too much intrusive. In my opinion AI (if not too strong) is ok where the density of players is very low. So one can still make some war tactic even if no other real player is around, as in my case. But I think the combat between real players should come first, so in places where many players are present, AI should be very rare, or even not present. This is just my opinion. Edit: while I am using my little army to fight this base, near another base of mine a new tower of force of terror appeared. It is inside my land, so I cannot upgrade it. It contains 66 soldiers. This is more than I can manage now.
  8. I think this is a good idea. It would be useful because I will know, when I capture land, if I will get a new flag or I will update an existing land. Also I wish to have some way to understand if all player's flags are currently loaded in the piece of map that I am seeing. I see that I can load the surroundings by tapping the camera icon, but I don't know what area is affected. Maybe some kind of different background color may tell me that the area is full loaded. This could be also for resources, but in this case it is easy to see where they are not loaded.
  9. Hello all, since this is a general discussion forum, I hope this is not off topic. I would like to talk about experiences you had with other games based on maps, and their comparison with DE. The most famous, but also quite different in the gameplay, are: - Ingress - Pokemon go Few games are no longer active, they already completed their history: - Parallel Kingdom - Own this world Another game still active is (I don't know it): - Resources GPS MMO game Do you know any other similar game? Do you have experiences in any of them? What brought you here and how do you compare them to DE? Mr. D, were you inspired in any of those while making DE?
  10. Oh, I missed it again! :-D Does it mean that if I have a base level 13 and a base level 11, my max cap is: (13+11)*100= 2400 2400*10= 24000 for money ? Maybe I am mistaking again but it looks like the actual caps are different
  11. I just had the same situation. Yes I confirm that now it is working properly!
  12. I think an adjustment of the precision is needed thogh. The personnel looks inside the supermagnet range, but the message says: there are no resources to collect.
  13. Thank you for the fix so quickly. I have to wait some time to have the same situation. I will let you know.
  14. Unless I am mistaking, it is not written anywhere which is the max of resources that I can store, which depends on the base level. I even don't have any communication that I reached the cap and so I am wasting resources if I collect more. Would it be possible to write those info somewhere? Maybe your answer will be "it's written there and you didn't see it" as often happens... but actually I cannot see it now :-)
  15. That's what "charges" means! I even translated it, but I didn't know the context, so I translated it wrongly. So even I didn't understand the meaning in game. I have to change it on the translation file
  16. Hi, They were the first supermagnets I used. I expected them to last one hour, as written. However they last only few minutes! I wasted two of them in this way
  17. Hi, when I have a land at level 10, or 20, etc, that needs a building in order to be upgraded, I get a message more or less like "you need to build or upgrade a building...". After the message the counter is at 15:00 minutes even if I didn't upgrade any land yet!
  18. Ok the new map is no bad, I like the circles more and fortunately you solved the incompatibility with older androd versions. Now I want to report an issue: if I go to Alleances or Track players and I add one player to one of those lists, then when I go back to the map it is not displayed properly. I have to restart the whole game in order to have it working again.
  19. Hexagons would be nice if the lands would fit in a hive like shape. Since they overlap, maybe a circle is more aesthetic. Anyway it is not much important for me, I agree with Riylan about performances. What I noticed though is that the circles had also a little border. The new hexagons do not have borders. I would prefer to see a border, it helps to have a clear vision of my land.
  20. Here are my first comments: -Buttons within tooltips are much better than the previous system. -Yes, I see a little slowness on the map, but there are not big lags, so I can play quite fluently anyway. -When the game is open I see a permanent notification saying "Tracking Nearest Land". I cannot swipe it out and if I touch it nothing happens. It looks useless.
  21. Today I have problems in accessing the discord server. Is it working for you?
  22. Yes, sorry my answer on this point was not clear.
  23. Yes, also in my case I actually destroyed a land after the base is gone.
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