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  1. 2 personnel recruitment station appeared near my base, so I claimed them. 1) How far can you be from station to claim it? I spend a lot of time, because I thought station should be directly on your land, and GPS is sightly unaccurate 2) After claiming land arround 1-st station, I went to second and did the same. I claimed it, but not land aroind it, it instead increased level of land with 1-station. Why? 3) I have 2 lands and base captured and visible on map. But for some reason 1 of those lands is invisible in my lands and building tabs. When it was visible, I built L2 sandbag
  2. Seems the problem exists because I don't have barracks on my main base. But there is no warning for not having it and trying to "Open fire"
  3. I have L1 enemy land "Хомяк" near my L20 land, and I have Guard Tower. When I click "Open fire", map opens and I can see enemy's L1 base "Хомяк" within my attack radius circle. First, it shows me "Land of "Хомяк" is at the lowest possible level and cannot be damaged further! Use army to capture this land". After 1 second it shows "There are no enemy lands within this building's attack radius". So how do I capture enemy land using army?
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