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  1. 1-I also noticed that the position of items in the map is quite inaccurate, especially if you zoom out. You have to zoom in at max in order to see a pretty accurate position. Apparently the item is not loceted at the center of its icon, but on the bottom. 2-yes it works this way. When you claim a station you have to be close to it. Then, if there is no land around, a new flag is created, and the station will be inside your new land. If there is already another land of yours in the area, that land will be upgraded, and you get the station anyway, even if it is not inside your land. 3-in My Lands you don't see all your lands, you see only the bases and the only land where you are close at. It was not clear to me as well as I noticed in another post 4-No, they disappear only when the countdown will end.
  2. I got the message with 0 soldiers and 0 damage as well, and I was attacking alone.
  3. Hi, I see that some of the country leaders appear to be inactive. I see that because a message tell me if I try to ask for an alleance. If I correctly understand those inactive players have their lands not even visible anymore. Wouldn't be better to not show them on the country leader binoculars, and show the first active player instead?
  4. I see. I think there will be some ingame descriptions or documentation in the future explaining also those details.
  5. The description of Assembly plant says that it is available only if I am present in the same base. However I could build an item in a base even if I was in a different base.
  6. There is something like a ghost country with no name near Barcelona. The country leader is Force of Terror. Can you see it as well??
  7. marcofi

    Resource station

    In your situation you have to be just out of the base circle in order to upgrade the land. If you have problems you might consider to move the base.
  8. I will. I just realized another thing. In the 12th january update, you wrote: If you are the owner of the biggest piece of land you will not see any nested lands of other allies within.. Well instead I clearly see blue circle (my ally color) inside my red circle. Yes, I understand now. That is correct.
  9. Hi, I want to report some behaviours, maybe there is some problem. I write here because the following point 2 happens only after this update. My situation is the one shown in the image. The background is red because the guard tower is a level 100, its borders are not visible. Then it is visible the circle of my base. Then it is visible a double circle, red outside and bluish inside. The bluish is an ally of mine. Issue 1: actually the red and blue circles seem to be centered in the same point. This looks weird to me. I bought that land from him, so apparently he planted a new flag exactly in the same place, or maybe there is a bug and the land was duplicated when I bought it? Issue 2: Until yesterday, if I captured outside the base land, the nearest land would be updated (not the base defence). Now you can see my position in the picture. It is outside the base circle and inside the red land. In this situation now I obtain the upgrade of the base defence. Is it correct?
  10. I like all those news. Actually before this update I didn't understand how could people play in places with big density of population, that is, any city. Also the possibility to upgrade lands near the base is good (I moved my base out of my home just because of this problem). Now, I still haven't see the new system, but is there some information on all land owners? I think players should know how many circles there is under the big one, even if they are not shown in the map. Maybe an information panel when selecting a land?
  11. Awesome. Ok but now go back to work to Domnation: Earth ;-) :-D
  12. Hi, my question is: how does the sharing resources between allies work? When I collect resources and an allied land is nearby, a message says that some of the resources are shared with them. When exactly does this happen? How many resources are shared?
  13. I had a quick look to Flamefrost. It looks great. Do you make the graphical part too?
  14. So you are the only person working on this? Is this a one-person game?
  15. Hello, this game is clearly at the beginning of its history and I think a lot of features will be implemented or improved. However I cannot find any clue on what they could be. Is there any particular reason to keep the future developments secret? I see that there could be some disadvantages in telling it to the public: - you would be exposed to a lot of coomments giving suggestions and critics. Everybody would feel authorized to say that they would do different things in a better way. -If some change is decided on the roadmap, you might be expected to explain it to the public. However I can see also some pro: - I think the discussion is always a good thing. Knowing the future developments would keep people talking and always raise the interest on the future of this game. -if somebody after playing for weeks feels a little boring, they can be excited again looking to the features that will be implemented. -you do not need to take seriously every comment of everybody. But in the big number you may get also some useful feedback. So why not making a public roadmap for the features that will be implemented?
  16. Hello all, in my opinion the objectives should be marked "completed" also in case they was already completed when the objective is unlocked. For instance, I now unlocked 'Capture the world', so that I have to create another base besides the first. But I already created a second base just yesterday! Now I have to travel another 100km in another direction in order to create a third base and complete the objective! I don't know when I will be able to do it.
  17. Hi, when I go to My Lands tab I expect to see the list of all my lands, i.e. the flags and the base. However I only see the nearest flag and the base. In my opinion there I should see all my flags. How can I keep trace of them otherwise? Thanks
  18. I can help with Italian. I know that (unfortunately) many Italian people can't properly understand English, and they won't play if the game does not support Italian language.
  19. Thank you so much for your answers. Yes you convinced me to play more and give it a try. I am still at the beginning so I have to play more in order to understand by myself if and how much this game is ptw. Moreover probably I will not meet many players that are going to pay much, because I know the people in the places I play (Italy). I may want to support this game in the future if I like it. In this case I will feel unconfortable to be forced to pay for some in game advantages. Could you consider to make some payable features that give no advantage in order to satisfy players like me? E.g. some aesthetic changes, useless items, or just a "support" button. I hope that many players will have my same opinion, so that you may want to minimize the even little purchasable advantages. Anyway, I was looking for a game like this for a long time. Thank you for doing it, and thank you for being so fast in answering on the forum.
  20. Hi, I am starting to play now. I really like the idea of this game and I played a similar game in the past (Parallel Kingdom). However, as well as PK, I am worried about the pay to win logic. I would have no problem if there is a fixed price for the app, and also purely extetic purchasable items. But if there are in game benefits, that means that the person that will pay more, will surely win. I am not going to play with a such logic. I write here to give you a last chance to convince me, since I really would like to enjoy your game.
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