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Found 4 results

  1. So I got attacked by 2 different ppl, seemingly at the exact same time, separated by several tanks of gas. I lost several towers that I'd put ubt into to defend an area to one, and i don't know how many flags to the other because i got no notifications. All problems that we All have with current war mechanics aside, the notifications Have to Work. Another problem I'm having now, that Kell has been having for a while, is map filtering. My base is being attacked by towers that don't show up on the map because we're under a Very Impressive flag. Even going to the filters and turning everything except enemy lands off isn't working. I only found the towers once (not the second or third time) by clicking on the message when the towers attacked. I'm sure there will be other smaller things if my rash doesn't suddenly disappear again, but this needs to be said now. (Is there some timer on notifications? I put the game down for 2 days and they stop? Because now that I'm retaliating it wants me to know there's somebody coming 🤨
  2. URAS

    War Mechanics

    Some questions regarding war mechanics: -Is it possible to attack with only a fraction of your army while leaving the rest to defend? -Are players with bases less than lvl 10 able to attack another player to enter pvp early? -Can an army be divided up to attack multiple locations simultaneously? -Are there timers limiting how quickly troops can be transferred from base to base (i.e. if I eliminate all 300 of an enemy's local troops, can they rapidly transfer another 300 troops from a base hundreds of miles away in minutes?). If there aren't, shouldn't there be? -What are the lvl 1 ranges of missile launchers and nuclear silos in kms? Their descriptions list a cryptic multiple (e.g. "x65").
  3. I have L1 enemy land "Хомяк" near my L20 land, and I have Guard Tower. When I click "Open fire", map opens and I can see enemy's L1 base "Хомяк" within my attack radius circle. First, it shows me "Land of "Хомяк" is at the lowest possible level and cannot be damaged further! Use army to capture this land". After 1 second it shows "There are no enemy lands within this building's attack radius". So how do I capture enemy land using army?
  4. So I have some defenses, or did but i am being attacked by a user named Black Fish and it appears that they went all the way across my duty to attack my bases so I'm guessing they live in my city. So that's fine but I can't see there bases at all so I have no way of retaliating so I am pretty much defenseless. I have a large army and did have guard towers but they either did nothing or I can't use them because I have nothing to attack. What can I do, is this a glitch?
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