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  1. On a recent trip to another town I found I couldn't construct any guard towers, only sandbag construction was allowed. I've checked my local sites, they show possible tower construction but not the ones further away. Have there been any changes to the game as I haven't played for a while?
  2. I can't post in technical section as message box missing, my normal account has disappeared few days ago and I ended up with 2 new ones, same thing happened back in January, can I get back into my original account it is Geohiker.
  3. This could be the answer to a question I was going to ask, I'm the only player in 100kms apart from Terror but on occasional visits to a city I have spotted other flags, so far 3 different names which seem to disappear overnight after the first time I see them.
  4. The photo does show faint lines for roads now but before when I first posted about the problems there was nothing but blackness. Until I joined this forum I never realised all the expenses incurred running an app, it's been a revelation to read about all the background work in progress.
  5. I can't see any roads at all or village names on the new version so it will be difficult to pick up resources unless I remember some of them from before the map change. Maybe other players have better eyesight.
  6. It's a good change for me as I stopped playing this week due to having my bases continually demolished and only having a tiny amount of soldiers or none at all, I ran out of coins too as some bases with guard towers etc I had to be rebuilt 3 or more times as they kept being destroyed since the A1 was introduced.
  7. The new update didn't help, notifications still switch off immediately after turning them on and I had trouble replying in this forum as well, don't think the game likes me anymore lol
  8. Its literally switching off every few seconds so messing up the game for me as I keep getting flags right next to one another instead of leveling up nearby bases even if I stayed in the same spot I got extra flags and I've just discovered FOT has been on a rampage without my knowledge so I hope this can be rectified by the update, I just looked on Google play and it's not available yet so maybe tomorrow.
  9. Since my last post here, all my notifications have switched themselves off again without my knowledge.
  10. When I referred to the forum, I meant I wasn't aware of another upgrade until I read about it. I know there has been a recent post about the possibility of getting an in game notification about upgrades, maybe you can add one about the settings whenever there is an upgrade too
  11. On quite a few occasions after an update, I've been under attack without knowing as the notification settings had changed like the last update which was done automatically and I wasn't aware of until I read the forum and as it had been already done I assumed my notifications would have also stayed on but they had been turned off. Another issue after one of the previous updates is if I look at the menu leaderboards or forum I can't always get the menu to disappear once the map is back on the screen and it gets stuck on the map page.
  12. Hi, I've been under attack this afternoon but didn't get any notification even though I had been capturing land elsewhere so gps works, FOT has eliminated a guard tower but I can't fight back on any of FOTs bases no matter what I try.
  13. That's good being able to build at a distance because the last few weeks I've been travelling for hospital visiting and once this stops I'll be unlikely to go that way again and I did think about the land I've captured that would be left behind.
  14. Does the number of soldiers appear on the map because FOT is on your land? I haven't seen figures apart from during an attack. It demolished one of my guard towers in a location I go the most so I can't level up there anymore unless I rebuild but it's very close to their main base, they've got a missile launcher etc and until the latest update I had great difficulty playing with gps and screen freezing so didn't get a chance to put up any resistance as I didn't get any notification.
  15. Other gps location games I have on my phone are Geocache, Munzee, Flagstack, Snatch, Pizza Fitness Runner and Garfield AR -although I play D:E the most at the moment. I've deleted Takers which is a war game along the lines of D:E but the GPS signal was erratic so you'd be walking hours to get a territory and nothing showed in the map and other issues. I couldn't get on with Ingress, Resources, Color Planet, also tried dozens of other games such as Turf, Wallabee and various treasure hunts and scavenger apps but deleted. The main reason I started trying so many games is because my fa
  16. Angleà

    Gadgets query

    Ok, I'll try to remember to do that, thanks for the reply.
  17. Angleà

    Gadgets query

    Is there a distance limit from my home base assembly plant for using gadgets as I tried using items during trips away from the village in the week but it said I wasn't on the base. Thanks
  18. Since the upgrade yesterday, I can't get back into my account, it only lets me start a new one. I was having non stop trouble with screen freezing since I first started this game but did manage to do well so don't want to lose all my progress. Is there a way to get my account back? Thanks.
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