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  1. I was holidaying in remote Australia and have photos all over discord to prove.
  2. @Mr D why is my account coming up as blacklisted. Love to know what rules I broke
  3. You found it. Thanks. All fixed and building.
  4. I am iOS. Still can’t see update. Was slow yesterday but is much better today.
  5. Yes. Very slow today across most functions.
  6. Thanks. But I am not getting options to build barracks etc. see photo below bbelieve
  7. Mr D. I captured this area earlier this year. Got 6 capture and it created a base like area but I was never able to build a barrack etc. what did I miss. I also can’t build concrete walls.
  8. At last. I was lucky that I was not in a new area.
  9. Per my flag not capture post I agree. Interesting I could collect resources about 30 mins ago so that part is still working. I could also fight with terror. It appears to be land capture not working (ie the most important part of the game ).
  10. It took me a while to finish post. By last land increase was 3 hours ago so this could be also down. I did ask in discord a few hours ago but no one else seemed to have issues then. I can reach new land from current location to test.
  11. I have tried to for the last few hours to upgrade my silo. I hit the flag and get the please wait request. But it never updates anything. So I cannot upgrade anything. It seems ok for increasing land. Just not updating structures by the flag icon. Below is the please wait. But it does not update anything.
  12. Love the updates. Warehouse is much more manageable now when you have mulitiple warehouses. Like the inventory feature as means you can stock up when you know you are going to be away from bases for a weekend.
  13. First thanks for the gifts in the Easter eggs. With the free unobtainium and a small purchase I got my first nuclear silo. But was very disappointed to see level 1 range restricted to 1.5km. I expected 100km minimum. I note that missiles also have a very low range and similar to tower which makes no sense. Given the small range I now have no interest buying unobtainium to upgrade. I also can’t see on the upgrade facts how much this would change by but assume it is also very small. My opinion is Missile ranges should be significantly enhanced.
  14. If a player has not joined discord do we have anyway to communicate. I have a new player who is killing the terror bases and I want to request they don’t but can’t see how I communicate this in game.
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