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  1. Having the same issues. How did you resolve?
  2. My nephew plays and I just joined him so he has someone to play with in our home town. his disability makes it difficult to get out and “hunt” for other players and resources. The gps range to interact with people is vary small and the resources generated in the area spawns outside your bases range. makes it difficult to utilize all the features like PvP or simple resource collection. The scan items limits to 10 scans to get some perks and items but only a small Amount of resources, this is only once per 24 hrs we can do this. We do love the “risk like” feel to the way this game plays out so far and as a family We’re always playing games on the go together so we would also love the chat feature or a co-op alliances,guilds,exc and if this should be posted elsewhere I apologize wasn’t sure where to post/ask
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