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  1. I do like the idea of unstacking the structures on lands in as much as being able to access a guard tower "covered" by a missile launcher. My main concern is that there is now a lot of graphics clutter on the map. This likely slows rendering of objects, which impacts high density areas. It also makes it potentially problematic when trying to select an land that's under the structure of another land. Before I downloaded the update, I saw all the structures on the land itself, which I liked as one could cycle through to get to the desired structure. Perhaps this could be restored with perha
  2. Any word on getting app restored to Google Play?
  3. Idea for a perk: Global Collector. It would be an expensive perk (say 10,000 PKP or so). Activating this perk would produce a button that would collect from all Tracking Satellites that are not under cooldown. The cost for using this button would be at a usury cost, say 2-10 personnel per satellite. The idea would be give players who have multiple bases the option to utilize their tracking satellites without having to cycle through all their bases, which can be unwieldy.
  4. Earlier today, I was at a base that I had moved on top of a newly-placed land. I tried to use the remote land capture button, but I accidentally selected the one for the base. It triggered a defence bonus as before, in addition to the Fortify button. I wonder why base lands even have a remote capture button since they are not lands in the traditional sense. My suggestion would be to disable those as well.
  5. I just did some upgrades using the "little hand" button on different lands using extra captures. No confirmation popup on those either. That might explain the issue with the UBT upgrade as well as my resource station captures from before.
  6. Also, if the flag button is hit a second time shortly after it first, no confirmation popup shows. It might need to go through refreshing the map to show the window.
  7. I did some captures on resource stations this morning with extras and no confirmation window appeared. A subsequent regular land capture did produce the window.
  8. I was hoping that push notifications would be back to normal... One thought is make the game push a notification for when a new capture is available, regardless of how many are saved up. This should not really be problematic as it would be a mere few more than normal, yet it would function regularly.
  9. Also, the lack of a timer appears to be causing notifications to not be made.
  10. I have noticed that with stacked captures, the timer on the flag button is not there. One can sort of guess how much time there is until the next free capture by looking at the color change on the flag button, but it is not the same. I would prefer to see some largely precise time from having to avoid a (for me) huge capture cost.
  11. Since the update, I have noticed that Force of Terror (AI) lands have state or city names, much as before. May I presume that there is some legacy geolocation going on?
  12. On my first capture after the update, I left the name box blank and it resulted in the country being filled in. Does this mean that there is at least some geolocation at work? Also, how would this theoretically affect the national leaderboards?
  13. The important thing is reducing the level to below level 1. I think that there is a maximum of 45 points of damage that can be done with each battle (9 points each round for 5 rounds). A base that is above level 4 thus cannot be eliminated in one battle as its hit points are its base points. I would thus suggest continuing battle until it is fully reduced.
  14. Hi. In my experience, the only way to destroy an AI base is to use troops to reduce it below level 1. This means that all AI troops must be defeated and buildings destroyed so that damage reduces the base points. Attacks from nearby offensive structures (such as Guard Towers) can reduce the base points without attacking troops, but this can only reduce the base to level 1 since the base becomes invisible and cannot be attacked at that point. Only an army can reduce it below level 1.
  15. Quests often show up in restricted areas as well, and those cannot be captured unless you are within 100 m of them. At least those seem to be along roads from my perspective. I wonder if this is intentional, or simply me seeing something that isn't there.
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