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  1. It is possible. On the "My Lands" tab, your main base should be listed. Go to where you want to move your base, then select the Move button for your base. The move will happen immediately. Also, your first move is free, but future moves cost unobtainium. As a strategy move, relocate your base where you can easily access it but not linger for very long. Some players locate it along a stop on their daily commute. You only need to be on your base to transfer items between your inventory and your warehouse.
  2. The idea that I have is that when the 15-minute timer ends for a new capture, instead of ending, it restarts with a new 15-minute interval. A capture is available and may be saved for later, perhaps concurrent with the next capture. This thus would not add new captures (which can be done with drones anyway). Also, this would not continue indefinitely, with maybe being able to save up some before the timer stops. If it is unlocked with perks, that number can be connected with the perk level.
  3. In discussion with @TetragDagon, we have an idea that should be welcomed by many players. Currently, the flag capture every fifteen minutes can be stressful as not everyone’s schedule is conducive to this, even while travelling. Our idea is to have some stack of captures that may accumulate over a short time. That is, a player could save up a few captures to use later. This would allow players to perhaps save up for building a higher-level land that may be used for constructing certain buildings, or even for a base. One could also be more strategic with placement of lands without sacrificing time. It would only slightly increase the number of captures due to being asleep. Furthermore, it would fit better into players’ schedules and give them more incentive to play. This could be a standard feature, or perhaps a feature earned by perks.
  4. Is there any change to the number of active slots available to players, or has that also been reduced as well?
  5. Looks like it's fixed with RobotWizard as I successfully made an offer for a land. 😊 This bug seems to happen randomly as another player recently upgraded to a level 10 base, and I was able to make a trade right after. I presume that it's not exactly random, but the difference eludes me.
  6. This time for real! RobotWizard9 just hit level 10 base but that bug is preventing trade.
  7. S Keillan

    New base

    One builds a base when a land over 100 km away from the player's other bases is upgraded to level 5.
  8. Evidently, carsnow2011 has a level 10 base, but the bug is affecting my ability to trade with them. Edit: never mind. Looks like I was working off of wrong information.
  9. Hi. You simply need to be on the level 100+ land and make a capture. Instead of a new land, you have the chance to build a Utility structure. The Solar Panel is one of the four options. Concerning your quest, it needs to be a newly created solar panel as upgrading an existing one does not count to the quest. New solar panels have to be 100 meters or more from existing structures on that land. Hope that helps.
  10. I kind of have a similar opinion. I suspect from quests are worth pursuing for the rewards alone, while others are fine if that is what one is planning to do anyway. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  11. The "walkie-talkie" is actually a Radio Transmitter. This is an item that you can carry or store in a Warehouse. These can also be produced at an Assembly Plant.
  12. To pick up a Quest, you need to select the quest and press the SMALL hand button while within 100 metres of the quest. The big hand resource button does not pick up the quest. Hope that helps.
  13. OK, I simply misinterpreted the original statement, thinking that if one had already gone through the goals before that it was given. At least we determined that Military Outposts count as a created new base, so I was able to complete the quest that way.
  14. Several of us have the Building First Base quest, but there seems to be no way to complete it. That button is darkened out. It might be a bug that requires attention.
  15. Just did a scrapping run and it seems fine. Thanks for the info.
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