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  1. Hey cool, I made the list! Merry Christmas, everyone! 😁
  2. I’m fairly sure that the One Quest to Rule Them All quest isn’t supposed to take up a quest slot, but it’s started doing that on my account (I’ve talked to other people and they say it doesn’t take up an extra slot for them). I’m pretty sure this screwed up the main quest line because the OQRTA took up the slot when I finished the barracks quest, and now the main quest line doesn’t show up.
  3. Oh. In that case I think there’s a bug, since the flag button isn’t upgrading for me anymore.
  4. This is nice, but having it automatically level the nearest was nice too. Maybe the flag button picks automatically and you can manually choose another structure by clicking it?
  5. Celestius

    Added Icon

    What’s the new flag icon on the top right of the dash? It doesn’t seem to correspond to land size or number of flags.
  6. I’m running iOS, and the app is up to date.
  7. Hello! I’m unable to log in through my google account, so I’m more or less locked out of my account. Whenever I try logging in I get this error:
  8. Great, thank you! I’ll avoid trading until the next update.
  9. I recently tried to offer 7,000 supplies to an ally in exchange for a lvl 1 land in order to transfer those supplies, only to find that I didn’t have the travel points for it. Fair enough, but after getting the “you need more travel points” message the supplies weren’t transferred back, meaning I’m now out 7,000 supplies for no reason. Is this a bug you’re aware of, and is there any way I could get those resources back?
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