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  1. Or even just a massive delay on it. I mean, being able to do it every hour made it really easy to snowball, I get it, but what if it was all the stuff in your territory but you could only do it once a week, or once a month even? As an aside towards my personal issue on using items in my area, did that the other day and it regularly didn't pick up stuff well within the circle, was pretty dissapointing. I got like 1/3 of the stuff in my expanded pick up radius after dropping the radio and rhe metal detector. Some of the stuff it didn't capture was juuust outside of my base pick up ra
  2. I get the reasoning, but please provide some method of collecting more of the items in our lands again? In my area I can't collect most resources without items, bc they're all in non-public areas.. before I got my base up to a high enough level I could basically spend 3-4 hours driving around to collect a resources once or twice a month at best, and the rest of the items would be permanently out of reach.. with being able to use items after expanding my perks, at this point I couls to bump that up to once a week, but driving around the city wasting gas is a pretty dull way to play the game, an
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