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  1. Sorry, I can't even figure out how to download the file😅 I will be pretty appreciated if you can mail me the file! My email address is zhtedsu@gmail.com
  2. zhtedsu

    Upgrading land

    But this is the first time I was asked to pay travel points for merging lands...... is there a bug? Also, since the lvl 1 land can't be removed and I don't have travel points to merge them, my land was just stuck there. I am not sure about most of the players in this game, but 100 travel points is a huge number for a person who goes everywhere on foot. I tried walking to further places after work, but I could only get 2 to 4 travel points per day at most, and this game required so much travel points. Maybe other players have cars or other vehicles, but I hope there is a system to reward people who actually "walk" outside for this game.
  3. zhtedsu

    Upgrading land

    I have a lvl 99 land, and there is a lvl 1 land beside it. When I tried to merge them today, I was told that I need to pay 100 travel points to do so. Is the 100 travel points reuired for merging lands, or for my land to exceed lvl 100?
  4. Then, may I get the refunds of these missions after the update?
  5. Also, I attacked terrorists for the mission, and I killed 61 terrorists. Why do I only get 5 peace points for that?
  6. I just downloaded this game yesterday. I got very excited when I saw the resources in the storage, so I just built some buildings in my base. But today I saw there is a series of missions for those buildings, and I can't solve those missions since I already built them. I tried upgrading the buildings, but still couldn't solve the mission. The only thing I could do is to skip them sadly. I think you should fix on the problems, thank you very much!
  7. I am from Taiwan, if you are interested in Chinese version of this game, I think I can participate in the translation.
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