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  1. MunKst3r


    So how does pvp actually work for the game? I'm not sure how it does and I probably won't be learning from experience any time soon due to nobody being around.
  2. Does capturing land inside home base territory not count towards upgrading? It seems to just be giving me point for defense
  3. Oh May I also suggest to have two different buttons for capture land and collect resources? Because it kind of forces you to capture land before being able to pick up and resources
  4. Is the new update out for iPhone? I don't have the lightning bolt button or the option for weekly subscription for uno stuff
  5. Or have alliances be a group you create and invite people from all over into, like in a traditional game. Say I create an alliance called Nova Roma, its only me at first then I find and invite people as I go along with the ability to give others the power to recruit and such
  6. I seem to have the same problem, it looks like I'm the only player within a 100 mile radius
  7. The in game currency you buy seem really expensive, 10 for 12$ is a lot. Is there a reason for it, is the currency super good? Is it some kind of anti pay to win tactic? Will it be lowered eventually?
  8. Perhaps clans could be groups of players near eachother, and alliances would be groups of clans forming together?
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