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  1. Is it possible to have more than one base in this game? Would claiming territory far enough away from your base make a new one, and territory closo to that base become land linked to that base?
  2. Crazyjack13


    I looked in the "general" section of this forum and read about the 'overhaul' of the combat system, so this will probably make my questions moot. Still would be good to know how the current combat system works, though.
  3. One problem that might come up is the time that needs to be spent moderating this discord. Discords can get unruly and disorganized really quickly, and with such a small dev team, you might not want to divert your limited time to moderating a discord. If someone else moderates it, or people make their own, go for it, it's a cool idea, but it could be a bit of a hassle.
  4. Crazyjack13


    So i built a little army and selected "attack land'" to attack a friend to test out combat. I looked at another question and saw that I don't get to choose which land to destroy unless I have a missile silo or nukes. In that case, what determines which land I am attacking? do i have to get through each of their buildings before directly attacking the land? Will I continue to attack other lands when the first land is destroyed? Not sure if I want to destroy their land that they put quite a few hours into making, just wanted to test out the system...
  5. I know that the only other way to obtain unobtanium besides buying it is to participate in events. Is the next event thanksgiving? What exactly do the events entail, and how much unobtainable could I receive from one?
  6. Crazyjack13


    Are alliances only between two players? Is there a way to have a group as an alliance? Are the "binoculars" alliances or single players?
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