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  1. Almost all of those towers dissappeared from my map, and only 1 spawned (there were 5+ before). Do they spawn at random times or like for example sunday 3pm?
  2. I captured the platform, used it 2 times and it dissappeared. is it several time use only?
  3. yeah, the battle system should have some rewards
  4. Hello, does this game or at least its forum have a discord channel? (i would like to join it)
  5. Hello, could you add a pole below the oil platform or radio tower, so it will be easier to know where they actally are, thanks! (now its very confusing to find the right spot)
  6. well good luck on getting more people. i will try to talk my friends into playing this too
  7. Since this is a small game now (not many people playing it) i would like to know when it was released
  8. I saw the message and i only have 9 personnel, but i need 10 for barracks or something
  9. Hello, i found a little bug. When i went out and collected personnel, it dissapeared from the map but didnt apear in my inventory. is there any way of fixing this?
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