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  1. The new link to the discord channel is http://discord.domination.earth Hope this is easier to get to.
  2. The discord channel is growing, but slowly. If you would like to talk to other players of DE then hop right in. We need people to join so we can jumpstart this potential bursting game into a new era. (Too cheasy?) We also need some helping hands to help monitor the 50+ text and voice channels. We have so many because there is one for each state in the USA, and a few channels for other countries. Only a few more people will be able to be selected for administrative roles. Also the first 50 people to join will get a Veteran title. Nothing fancy yet, but in the near future when hundreds of people
  3. On the discord channel you are able to talk to other players (since there is currently no in-game method of communication), find alliances to join, join calls to talk to people about in-game topics, and ask questions. But all of this is only possible if people join. There are no restrictions to joining. And for now there are no rules. But they will be coming soon as we get more people joining. So please join and help this community and this amazing game grow. We can be the next clash of clans if we try.
  4. [removed; see https://forum.domination.earth/index.php?/topic/548-discord-move/ This is the permanent link do the Discord channel for Domination Earth. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join. I am going to be monitor in the server frequently and posting some rules in the next day or so, so we have some order. Can't wait to see where this game will go.
  5. If anyone is interested I am creating a Discord channel for Domination Earth. I will post the link in its own forum post. Be on the lookout. This wil be fun. I see great potential in this game.
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