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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I just start a new game and i can't see any AI around, i have drive 50km and still can't see any AI. Any idea why?
  2. How do I capture instead of destroying either AI land or that belonging to another player? For example, their was a missile launcher close to me belonging to forces of terror. I got to the location but couldn't capture it's land as it was protected. So I launched an attack. After 1st wave it had no personnel or defences. The next wave destroyed the structure. Was I supposed to retreat at 1st wave and return to capture land once defences and structures were destroyed? Man, I wanted that missile launcher. Thanks for your help community.
  3. Hi all, A bunch of fixes and updates related to the AI went live, among the changes are: Destroying a Force of Terror's base will now deactivate the AI in this region for approx. 7 days. Terrorists' lands and structures outside the base will remain, but they will no longer grow or attack until the HQ returns. In 7 days Force of Terror will return in a different place and begin at base level 1, which will be invisible. You will start noticing land activity and may get attacked by an offensive structure (e.g. Guard Tower), but you will not be attacked by an army until the AI reaches base level 2. At this point their base will become visible and you will be able to engage in Army battles. Fighting against the AI now rewards you with resources and "Peacekeeping Points". Every terrorist soldier killed equals to 1 Peacekeeping Point and will reward you with 1 unit of Money. Every land level damaged will award you with 10 points and a small amount of money (usually up to 10) and 1 Supply. Every building destroyed will reward you with slightly more money than land damage and up to 2 Supply units. Every base level damaged equals to up to 40 Money and up to 5 captured Personnel. Fighting against players now awards you with "Points of Fame" (similar mechanics as with the Peacekeeping Points). Both the Peacekeeping Points and Points of Fame will be recorded for a future leaderboard, and the Peacekeeping Points will unlock new combat features later on. At the moment both types of points will accumulate, but even though their total isn't displayed in the current version of the app no points are lost and you'll see the combined total of all rewards as soon as the appropriate UIs are added. Please post if you have any questions or feedback! P.S. You will need to re-open the app (or delete the app's data cache manually) to obtain a new set of translation texts. Alternatively, you should receive those automatically within 24 hours.
  4. Hi all, An exciting new feature went live today (no app downloads required) requested on multiple occasions: an AI player ("Artificial Intelligence")! The AI player is named "Force of Terror (Ai)" and will appear wherever there are active players in the world, so watch out for the Lands of Terror and don't leave your bases unprotected even if there were no players nearby previously! The AI will do most things that regular players do and follow similar rules combat-wise, except for land capture: you cannot capture lands created by the AI and your army will destroy these instead. This opponent's level of difficulty is currently estimated to be relatively "easy", but I'll keep an eye on its progress and keep adjusting the AI's behaviour in the future. Any feedback is very much appreciated!
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