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Found 3 results

  1. How do I capture instead of destroying either AI land or that belonging to another player? For example, their was a missile launcher close to me belonging to forces of terror. I got to the location but couldn't capture it's land as it was protected. So I launched an attack. After 1st wave it had no personnel or defences. The next wave destroyed the structure. Was I supposed to retreat at 1st wave and return to capture land once defences and structures were destroyed? Man, I wanted that missile launcher. Thanks for your help community.
  2. In the past, I've always been able to locate lands held by the AI, including their base either by using the track player utility, or it being visible directly from the map. For almost a month, although I've been attacked by the AI "Forces of Terror" on three separate occasions, none of their locations can be viewed even when using the tracking utility. This means that besides baiting the AI into attacking an isolated level one base with no defenses, it is not possible to engage them and earn peacekeeping points.
  3. I was wondering, If I attack the forces of Terror will my base still be exposed to other players or does this only happen when you attack players?
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