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Found 2 results

  1. So I got attacked by 2 different ppl, seemingly at the exact same time, separated by several tanks of gas. I lost several towers that I'd put ubt into to defend an area to one, and i don't know how many flags to the other because i got no notifications. All problems that we All have with current war mechanics aside, the notifications Have to Work. Another problem I'm having now, that Kell has been having for a while, is map filtering. My base is being attacked by towers that don't show up on the map because we're under a Very Impressive flag. Even going to the filters and turning everything except enemy lands off isn't working. I only found the towers once (not the second or third time) by clicking on the message when the towers attacked. I'm sure there will be other smaller things if my rash doesn't suddenly disappear again, but this needs to be said now. (Is there some timer on notifications? I put the game down for 2 days and they stop? Because now that I'm retaliating it wants me to know there's somebody coming 🤨
  2. Hi all, This week's update has been released to the Play Store and will appear imminently on the App Store, featuring: "Domination: Earth" is now available in German! A huge "Thank you!" goes to @Ruvox and @SebRut for pulling it off. "Map Filters" window is now available on Earth View within the "Additional Options" list. Using these filters you can hide any unwanted items from the map such as lands of your allies or enemies, utility structures, resources and resource stations. Transfer of items from/to the Warehouse is now instant and doesn't display a confirmation pop up. So you can now transfer a group of items by rapidly tapping their icons from that list. Several UI fixes were made among which is an additional improvement for devices "slowing down" the land capture timer when the game is running in the background mode: reopening an inactive app should synchronize your remaining timer more accurately (this issue only affected certain devices, so if you don't know what I'm talking about you're one of the lucky players ). As always, please post if you have any questions or feedback!
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