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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, A small update just went live featuring the following changes: Alliance resource sharing is no longer limited by distance from your ally. The only requirement for sharing to work is for your ally to be active in the game within the hour, but they can be anywhere on the globe to receive a portion of your resources. "Land Capture" action (all Flag buttons) no longer collect resources and will not use activated items, so no charges will be expended upon capturing new lands. Resource capture is now only possible to do via the "Hand" button. Resource stations
  2. Well folks I have something new to report! The URAS has now launched our website, and we will be updating it and improving that as we go. You can visit the website here https://urasoffical.wixsite.com/uras And our discord here https://discord.gg/6CWzx6 For anyone that does not know, the United Republic of American States is an American alliance that is currently building itself up. We are the first large-scale alliance ever created and can boast many of the Top 10 in America. For more information visit our website or discord. (Don't pm me here, I forget to read those)
  3. Can I turn off sharing resources between allies?
  4. Hi all, As of today we're trying out a new variant of game mechanics implemented as a result of multiple suggestions indicating problems with allies being unable to capture the same piece of land: this restriction makes it hard for new players to join when their friends are already playing actively in the same city, plus makes the game playable for only 1 person out of a group of friends travelling together. But as you may remember, prior to that restriction we've been receiving complaints essentially stating that "circles within circles within circles is nothing but a big confusing me
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