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  1. I'll write few smaller 2.0 issues in a single post, and then write about larger issues in separate post. bug: The Capture icon lost the background progress bar. Small font and low contrast added, it's very hard now to check remaining time, especially when on the move. bug: Binocs icon for regional stats is missing (does not appear on the map). bug: The new squarish font does incomplete unicode support. Certain polish diacritics are not supported (ł,ą,ę), which is weird, since I see others supported. bug: The resource icons disappear for a while, whenever one jumps into
  2. The new flags introduced in 2.0 are very large, way too large. Also, they comprise of two squares ("waving" flag) which, in crowded area, look like two separate flags, cluttering the screen. Suggestion 1: Simplify the flag The waving effect is not realy visible because the tone differences between the front and back (folding) side of the flag are very small. Perhaps we could resign from this effect completely? It's still a nice flag, but much clearer now. Suggestion 2: Use flag image to show sanboxes and turrents The UI shows us either flag or a buil
  3. There are several panels in game that show information about a list of objects. The 2.0 update brought several updates to these panels, some of which improved the experience, while others, especially the graphic style, decreased their readability and usability. I'll make a general comment first and then will jump to specific panels directly: General comment There are two concepts introduced in new UI that, together, dramatically decrease the readability of various screens: the extreme use of various frames, borders, varying backgrounds, the ui paradigm fu
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