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Found 6 results

  1. I'll write few smaller 2.0 issues in a single post, and then write about larger issues in separate post. bug: The Capture icon lost the background progress bar. Small font and low contrast added, it's very hard now to check remaining time, especially when on the move. bug: Binocs icon for regional stats is missing (does not appear on the map). bug: The new squarish font does incomplete unicode support. Certain polish diacritics are not supported (ł,ą,ę), which is weird, since I see others supported. bug: The resource icons disappear for a while, whenever one jumps into Earth View back from any tab. bug: The trade resource selector: once the value has been edited manually, pressing + and - buttons tends to concatenate "1" and "-1" strings to the end existing values instead of changing the value suggestion: The dark notice popup appears over the GPS button. Would work better if centered, so that it doesn't cover the icons on neither side. suggestion: Resource icons should link to resource purchase screens! (finding the UBT purchase screen is still hard!) suggestion: The TP resource icon is misleading, looks more like a land/land lv measure. This one needs something dedicated. suggestion: The bottom main UI buttons: once the capture button was moved to the bottom right corner, its really hard to hit with thumb when holding phone in a single hand, also, the spread variant looks worse than the previous one; I'd suggest to revert to the previous alignment (left-aligned) suggestion: The bottom main UI buttons: I liked circles more, but... if you use hex to make the design more interesting, perhaps try to use the fact, that these are hexagons, and try to align icons like the honeycomb? (screen) Update 2020-01-02 20:06 bug: the "rename" button is missing both from lands and from bases bug: the trackbar for attack wave begins ~20% filled bug: the attackers/defenders number is aligned left, should be centered Update 2020-01-02 20:24 bug: in the Perk tab, the popup box describing each perk is missing bottom border Update 2020-01-02 21:00 bug: the action buttons on the main screen have labels that are not localized suggestion: the font used for some elements has a very special rendering of lowercase letter k (looks like an R with a vertical line protruding upward), which makes it much less readable; if possible, I'd recommend a font with a less decoratve / more standarized rendering Update 2020-01-04 06:05 bug: the value pickers (trade, build army) ignore the input, ie.: open "build army", type any value, press "build", only one soldier will be built; open trade dialog, type any amount of resources and trade, button-set values will hold, manually typed values will zero. Update 2020-01-06 21:17 bug: while the building Upgrade button has been moved to the Construct screen and appears alternately with the Build button, this doesn't work correctly with lv100+ lands: the button always shows Build for making new instances of the building, but if a building already exists, there is no place for button to upgrade it; noticed by @Luna and [USSR] MaX Update 2020-01-07 22:41 bug: base points are not being added after the capture, or the My Lands screen is not properly updated, base points and base levels do not grow upon captures I will post new bugs in this main post.
  2. Hey all, It's been a while since the last update and I am aware that DE is in a bit of a bad shape right now; seems that we've run into a patch of trouble with both Apple and Google, where the latter has accidentally terminated our account responsible for in-game notifications and Google Sign-In. What is worse is that in the course of investigation it has been uncovered that some assets in our latest version violate Google's developer policies (the reference to Google Maps, which is fair enough considering that our affiliation with Google Maps ended a while ago, but the images remained), so we cannot release an update addressing the notification & sign-in failure while the problematic 2D assets are still in the game. I have no choice but to expedite the development of our new "2.0" design and replace our UI entirely in the near future as the alternative is either an embarrassing "hodgepodge" (i.e. our current app with very specific images replaced by something that looks out of place) or a forced removal of DE from the Play Store, which is not something I'd like to see happen. Unfortunately, due to the limited amount of time I would not be able to complete 100% of the changes initially planned for the 2.0; some of the unfinished screens & assets will be based on the existing materials with minimal adjustments to fit them into the overall new style of the app, and I will be gradually improving the look & feel of all components as the time allows. However, I have made some progress with the Apple side of our app and am hopeful that the 2.0 release will happen for both platforms (Android and iOS). It is worth mentioning that there will be no game mechanics changes in the new version; everything will continue functioning as it did before. This is purely a visual overhaul of the app. On a separate and a more positive subject: Christmas is coming and this year we have decided to award all active players with Unobtainium without any requirements other than the need to login and play in December. The exact Unobtainium amount is still to be determined and may depend on your activity, so I'll leave it as a surprise. As always, please post if you have any questions!
  3. The new flags introduced in 2.0 are very large, way too large. Also, they comprise of two squares ("waving" flag) which, in crowded area, look like two separate flags, cluttering the screen. Suggestion 1: Simplify the flag The waving effect is not realy visible because the tone differences between the front and back (folding) side of the flag are very small. Perhaps we could resign from this effect completely? It's still a nice flag, but much clearer now. Suggestion 2: Use flag image to show sanboxes and turrents The UI shows us either flag or a building (sandbags, turret or missile launcher). This is quite inconsistent. On large areas, you end up with a mix of simple green elements (some flags) and rich colourful objects (resources, resource stations, flags with buidlings). I would like to suggest a following solution: for a flag, always use the flag; if there is a special building on a flag, show it using the flag (like a shape or an icon) instead of replacing the flag completely for standalone objects (missile launchers, turrents, sandbags) use a similar icon based on a different shape Example implementation: flags with sandbags are squares, without sandbags - triangles icon left to flag shows the offensive building standalone sandbags and offensive buildings use same icon/shape without flag, yet with smaller pixel-like flag to depict ownership (useful in dense areas and overlaping large lands) This itroduces some more information on the screen and may seem harder to new players, but I'd say the existing system is far more complicated (sometimes same icon is a flag, sometimes not, etc.). Now at least a flag is always a flag:
  4. There are several panels in game that show information about a list of objects. The 2.0 update brought several updates to these panels, some of which improved the experience, while others, especially the graphic style, decreased their readability and usability. I'll make a general comment first and then will jump to specific panels directly: General comment There are two concepts introduced in new UI that, together, dramatically decrease the readability of various screens: the extreme use of various frames, borders, varying backgrounds, the ui paradigm further moving away from a tabelar/grid layout towards a chain of specialised UI boxes. These two together make it harder to find specific informations, or to quickly review them in a batch. I'll show exact examples below with change suggestions: My lands screen What was a single row of actions has now been split into two lines. It made the list longer and otherwise very cluttered. The middle row wastes a lot of space, and yet the icons feel kind of hidden, unimportant, or not even a button. It's now very hard to read through all the bases to inspect if they are not lacking in soldiers. The base name is lost in the clutter, due to the size and new font. The "produces" row: for 95% of gamers, or even more, this row will always show 0 on theirmain base and 99,99% it will show 0 on all bases that are not currently played in. It was far beter before, when it only showed values when they really existed. Suggestions: Messages screen Not much changed, but suggestions: time in same row as title, right-aligned (better position to compare and focus eye on in grid, less space); a way to quickly recongize message type (war, trade, alliance, share etc.) - perhaps an icon column to the left of the whole message block, or a small icon + color coding of the header background? smaller action buttons, in-box (so that user knows it's related) and bottom-right aligned Build screen "View details" totally not needed - contains 95% same info as already displayed (the only difference being defence/attack stats) resource cost very unclear due to items being spread along the row; lots of horizontal bars, again - hard to differentiate different blocks build time placed in quite a wrong place; building level in two unrelated locations; squares icon (to the right from base name) - I was even surprised it leads to anywhere; nor really clear; Suggestions: Edit: Trakced players screen This screen would also love an update to one-liners with two single buttons at the end. The player-specific "Track" button should be renamed to "Show" or "Show player", as the player is already tracked (misleading), also the same label is used for new players (so if we leave the first one "Track", perhaps this one should be "Add"?) The add new player button ("Track") is very small as it was before. Many new players have trouble noticing it. Perhaps a bigger, gold one should be used? (same for other similar screens, I assume)
  5. Hi all, I've decided to post a small update on our state of things not to leave you in the dark. Some of you read the following post I made recently: This is still the case and I'm afraid I cannot promise any progress in the next few weeks, as I am currently sitting on a bunch of boxes with all my stuff in transit to a very remote part of the world that I hope to start calling "home" after the 20th of November. I also have no clue as to when I regain internet access and get back to the normal work schedule, so it's hard to predict how soon exactly the development will resume. There are also both good and bad news regarding DE 2.0: Unfortunately, our initial plan didn't exactly work out and the development team we brought on-board to build a brand new game using Unity failed to deliver the anticipated level of quality. We've had to terminate our relationship early as I noticed that the product we were receiving was inferior in terms of functionality and contained even more issues despite a much more complex code base that was becoming harder and harder to maintain and develop. I am fairly disappointed in the outcome and the amount of time / funding invested into this fruitless side-project, but on the upside I got myself a break from development so I'm just going to have to treat this as an "unplanned holiday". Yes, this means that you are once again stuck with me as a sole developer and we are proceeding with plan B as I implement all the new designs in the existing game engine. The obvious drawbacks of this solution is that we probably won't see any 3D rendering capabilities in the game for a while and Android support will remain at version 4.4+ ("Domination: Earth" 1 just can't function on Androids below 4.4 anymore). However, this also means a lot less development in total as I won't need to rebuild the game from the ground up. Last month before I started the "grand move across the ocean" I managed to transform a number of existing screens and implemented roughly 20% of the new designs already, and would like to share with you some previews on what exactly we are working towards: Of course, every device and screen are different, and many things are yet to be finalized so the actual results may vary, but you can get the sense of the overall picture. As always, and feedback and questions are welcome.
  6. Hi all, You may have noticed a period of silence and a reduced frequency of updates from me recently, so it's perfectly natural to start wondering "what's going on?". Well, the time has come to shed some light on what's happening behind the scenes here at Epic Dragon and also a bit about our future plans! As many of you know, all our games to date were developed exclusively by myself, which means that I am the biggest bottleneck of progress when something goes wrong in my schedule or when I need to attend to other matters (e.g. provide forum support or review cheater reports ). For the first time in Epic Dragon's history this is going to change (at last)! Our team is expanding and welcomes a designated UX/UI expert and a 2D artist, as well as a new developer who will be in charge of the Android & iOS app development. But that's not all: as I mentioned a few times on the forum I have begun working on some large changes (some of which included a UI update for the new alliance system), one thing led to another and... it's been decided that the current UI as a whole and the underlying app platform are just not good enough (and frankly look a bit too messy to accommodate all the new systems!). Which is why we've decided to pause all development on "Domination: Earth" 1.19 and our new team will now begin working on "Domination: Earth 2", a brand new app rewritten from scratch using an entirely different set of technologies. No need to worry, "Domination 2" is planned to be 100% backwards/forwards compatible and all of the accounts & existing progress will remain; once the 2.0 is released it will be distributed as an update to the current app replacing it on your device; any previous versions will remain functional, but simply won't include any of the new stuff. None of the game rules will change, but every single aspect of the game is planned to receive a visual overhaul: we've decided that the new Domination will be a bit more "sci-fi focused" than the current version and we are basing it on the Unity engine (the stuff that our competitors like "Pokemon Go" are running). This does not mean that the new app will include 3D graphics (at least not initially ), but it does open a lot of potential for improved interface animations and a more "game-like" atmosphere overall. There are no further details I can disclose right now as we're in a too early stage of this development, but we do aim to finish it within 6 months and hoping for it to become a Christmas present for all our fans. Of course, I will continue to provide support for the old version while 2.0 is being built and some minor releases are to be expected from time to time. But all of the larger features (e.g. alliance and combat updates) have now shifted into 2.0 as there's little sense in investing our time in something that will cease to exist after the 2.0's launch. As always, please do not hesitate to post any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.
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