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  1. Yep. This was an issue reported many times before, and then the introduction of TP kind of solved it A simple "are you sure" confirmation box (just without any resource cost) would be more than enough
  2. My 3 cents on the Military Outposts: 1) Military outposts should not be taken into account in the Base Number leaderboard. 2) To avoid them blocking player in the future (eg. in contending in the mentioned leaderboard), it should be possible to convert them into full bases upon visiting physical location, ie. manually leveling up any land in base range above lv5 (this would also add another future strategy for drones, when you're close to a gap within your base network you can first create a military outpost there for UBT, and then convert it into base). This is just a draft suggesti
  3. Does it have lv100+, though? Only reaching lv100 unlocks additional instances of a single building.
  4. Nope. You cannot update base, and new land must be 50m+ from any existing one, so you'd still need 20 UBT to convert a single land to base.
  5. 50m away or more. From land's border, not the center. Actually, this 50m circle is also being drawn temporarily when placing the drone, though in my tests it seemed like 5m too small (eg. I had to leave some cap between the borders).
  6. Great idea! Personally, I wouldn't allow new lands being set outside of existing base radius areas. Strange places will fill will lands, like north/south poles. I'm personally not giving into creating new bases/outposts. Prefer them to be real. Will focus on upgrading existing bases
  7. @ValarMorghulis Tough I play the dark mode only as well (black, actually), the issue is quite real for those who play in the bright And this should be easy enough to fix, either by some more universal color or by using different color on the bright map style.
  8. That green "new update" button in awesome This game really needs a red "new war" equivalent Persistent enough so it won't disappear until we review the Wars tab. It's been so many times we did not notice enemy incoming.
  9. Weird, forgive me. I was checking everyday, and the 2.0.3 just appeared today, I was sure This Is The One
  10. Perhaps their caching node froze? Like, seriously, maybe pushing the update up again would wake them up?
  11. @Irrelevents The issues with troop picker already been posted at:
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