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  1. I think a cool feature would be able to rename captured lands and bases. The existing naming system rarely gets where I actually am correct, and while it's cool to have each base as the town where it is, the lands just are boring. Keeping the lands name would be fine, but I want to be able to put a unique identifier on each land, maybe a "nickname" feature would be the right name for it. Let me know what you think, I really like this game and really hope it keeps growing and developing.
  2. When I pick up resources on the map, I get a pop up telling me how many I collected, however they don't add to my resources under the construction tab. I had 9 Manpower and picked up 2 on the map so I could build a barracks, but I still only have 9 in my inventory. Possibly a bug?
  3. Ok, that makes a lot of sense. One other question I have then is what is the point of the little flag bases? I have one and all I can build there is a sandbag wall. Do these earn me income? Can I upgrade them?
  4. Hello, I'm a very fresh player to the game; I just downloaded the app yesterday but I'm hooked. I love the concept of the GPS game and this one feels like it is really headed in the right direction. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts for discussion and make a few suggestions. Things I love: *The active developers * The base-building options *The scrapping mechanic *The small but active community *The way resources are on the map so you have to go out and get them Things I don't like: *Lack of competition. There is no incentive for me to go up against other players to try to be the best in my area *The collection range seems too small. Resources around me are put in someone else's backyard and the only way to get close enough is to hop the fence and get in their backyards *My bases don't give me anything. I feel like there is no incentive to them, but I still have to pour in resources to defend them *Lastly, alliances should be between more than one player, like a clan or pact between multiple people, as the interaction ingame seems very very limited My suggestions: *Introduce regions into the game. County-wide, state-wide, and country-wide. Have leaderboards for these and bonuses if you are the top player in a region. This encourages competition and interaction between players. *Introduce base upgrades that give the players something. I don't know what, but there needs to be a direct feed of some resource from bases so I have a reason to defend them *Introduce bigger alliances with perks for being in one, and some method of communication between alliance members *Lastly, implement a way to get Unobtainium through watching ads. This will certainly increase revenue, and I would definately watch a 30 second ad for 1 Unobtainium. Thank you for creating a great free game and for being so active with responding to feedback. I hope to enjoy this game for a long time and become an active member of its community.
  5. My bar code scanner function doesn't seem to be working. Am I doing somethung wrong or is there a fix I can perform to solve the problem?
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