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  1. Hello! As most have mentioned here in the forums and at discord, the game as currently stands has an fairly outdated tutorial (Sorry Dan ). The "Tutorials & Guides" section is also screaming for content. This in my mind should be fixed or changed somehow. This responsibility many are trying to put on Dan. But the problem to this is that Dan hasn't got the time. He just moved to a whole new country and he has to pay the bills and to do that he has to work. Working means less time to work on the game. But what if us, the community and the players, helped out him abit? So not just to com
  2. I'll write few smaller 2.0 issues in a single post, and then write about larger issues in separate post. bug: The Capture icon lost the background progress bar. Small font and low contrast added, it's very hard now to check remaining time, especially when on the move. bug: Binocs icon for regional stats is missing (does not appear on the map). bug: The new squarish font does incomplete unicode support. Certain polish diacritics are not supported (ł,ą,ę), which is weird, since I see others supported. bug: The resource icons disappear for a while, whenever one jumps into
  3. The Goal button isn't really necessary once you're past the tutorial or well into the game. There should be option to hide it, and the suggestion is: Once the final goal is reached, add a button to the goals panel: "Hide the goals button" (this came up during Discord talk with @ValarMorghulis) This could also be usefull for ingame announcements. Like, when introducing a new feature, you can add new goal to let players know about it. Once they fulfill new goal, they will again be able to hide the goal button.
  4. There are several panels in game that show information about a list of objects. The 2.0 update brought several updates to these panels, some of which improved the experience, while others, especially the graphic style, decreased their readability and usability. I'll make a general comment first and then will jump to specific panels directly: General comment There are two concepts introduced in new UI that, together, dramatically decrease the readability of various screens: the extreme use of various frames, borders, varying backgrounds, the ui paradigm fu
  5. Currently, resource production and collection require player to manually browse through each base and click the button once for each base. This is a real pain, as it requires 2N clicks and consequently generates 2N quite slow server requests, also leading to many weird behaviors (and switching bases left/right is also sketchy when done along resource collection). Would it be possible to implement a button to trigger selected action at once on all buildings of the same type? Same problem exists with replenishing soldiers, but if possible, I'd rather suggest a "Max out" but
  6. There are several Android applications that are able to prevent the screen shutdown and lockdown. Thus, I understand, there must be an API that allows application to temporarily suspend this. Would it be possible to implement such feature (even if opt-in) to prevent phones going dark after few seconds of inactivity? I understand that there are several workarounds. I personally use the "don't lock while on external power" developer option. But if a simple and native option exists, it'd still be easier and also more available to less-proficient Android users.
  7. Would it be possible to enable an option for the map to follow GPS location, or, in other words, keep screen centered on player all the time? Preferably, such feature would need a button on UI to toggle it's state. If there is an issue with low-end client devices efficiency for such feature, the feature might be a hidden, opt-in option (such as, the icon could become visible after enabling it on profile). Allowing for the map to follow the player would be especially useful when routing/navigating on a bike
  8. One of the daily chores of many DE players is searching for nearby FoT or enemy players. Currently, the task can be performed only via a combination of player tracking and slow, manual map browsing, plus perhaps map filtering on slower devices to make things faster (had a few weeks on some old Galaxy A5 and it was pain). I wonder, if it would be possible, perhaps within 2.0 UI schedule, to include a feature that would serve as a reconnaissance report. My first idea of such feature was to enhance the current base list screen with following elements: an indicator that would
  9. 1. Base renaming button Currently, the only way to rename a base would be (I presume) to find on the map the land corresponding to the base and press the rename button there. It would improve visibility, if an additional button pointing to rename options was placed in the base list window. 2. Name restore option This might be an issue that does not affect many people, but during the period of location data provider switchover, I've made several bases which received names based directly on land names, and those name are still highly incomprehensible, like "cafe UCEN" or "Lak
  10. If possible, adding a filter for Local leaderboard icons (binoculars) would be beneficial to a player with large amount of bases. These icons are layered above the base circles and thus, in largely divided areas (like europe) you cannot see your bases clearly.
  11. Would it be possible to get a little flag button on Utility Structures, similar to the one already present on lands and Resorce Stations? It's quite a problem, when you have a Base around one of your lv100+ lands (which is, I think, what every player starts with). Once your base grows, it begins to cover your utility structures and forbids the player to level them up - using the Flag action buffs the Base defense only.
  12. A little suggestion or a bug report, not sure: When creating the trade offer, the only interface available is a slider. As trade offers for single lands are usually, well, of low value, it's getting increasingly hard to trade when the player has plenty of resources. Would it be possible to convert the value label (on the left from the slider) to an editable field? Such that player could click it and enter the amount via keyboard? (both Android and iOS should allow for the field to require a strict numeric value)
  13. In the current alliance system, it's hard to monitor the alliance territorial extension in-game, without any external tracking solutions. Would it be possible for the game to display allied players base areas (circles)? The base area display would be totally enough; most players tend to keep the exact base location a secret for various reason, but if only the circle is displayed and only at widest zooms (when lands disappear), no privacy is then exposed; the fact, that circle center coordinates would be exposed in application communication, might be viewed a security issue, bu
  14. I'd like to make an another feature suggestion: Currently the game lacks any means of in-game communications. From what I understand, and likely agree, embedding an advanced and complicated chat system into game would be, well... complicated But why not make some very simple forms of communication, by allowing players to set a "label" or "comment" on various current game objects, e.g.: a comment on an attack action, that could be set in combat window by attacking player (e.g. "If you keep attacking me, you will face consequences, let's talk on Discord") a comment on a tra
  15. I would like to make a small feature suggestion: In current game there are several map styles (Day/Night/Black), each of them having it's pros and cons that make them useful in different situations, eg: when biking with phone mounted, I prefer Night because the streets have much better visibility here in high sunlight; on other occasions I prefer Black, since it gives a good icon to background contrasts, it's just easy to see FoT and resources clearly on that map. Unfortunately, switching maps is quite hard now. Would it be possible to make a button in the UI screen t
  16. I think a cool feature would be able to rename captured lands and bases. The existing naming system rarely gets where I actually am correct, and while it's cool to have each base as the town where it is, the lands just are boring. Keeping the lands name would be fine, but I want to be able to put a unique identifier on each land, maybe a "nickname" feature would be the right name for it. Let me know what you think, I really like this game and really hope it keeps growing and developing.
  17. Hi. Just a small suggestion - consider adding 500m radius circle to land you possess. If you draw this with the thin line it will be very helpful for players trying to establish better control over the nearby lands. Players will be able to see their lands potential area of influence and plan where they can find the most suitable place to settle in and cover the lands around their base. You know its hard to count direct 500 m walking You can also think about adding an extra item to get such intelligence temporary if you are afraid of too much server/device traffic.
  18. Resources appear on the map as one of several icons that are a fixed size no matter the zoom level (but they do group so far out). The resources actual position can be different to what one may expect by looking at the icon. This is common issue with "hot point" placement on custom cursors. I suggest setting a minimum icon size and adding a hitbox or "pickup radius" so if the player's range intersects the visible icon's region you register as a pickup. This avoids circumstances where the pickup doesn't register because a player is looking at the resource from the wrong angle.
  19. When pressing "Land Capture" within range of your base you boost the defence points for 2 hours but the current message suggests the duration of the effect will also increase. With additional check-ins increasing the points of defence it seemed to indicate that the effect would last longer than 2 hours but instead the action resets the countdown. I suggest changing the message to:
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