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  1. Interesting information for how much is bought on average, sold the land? What are the prices on the market? For example, how much is the ground of the first level, located within another's circle?
  2. 1) 100 buildings with a level of 1 on one land, give the same helicity as one building with a level of 100? 2) What is the fate of new buildings in the unification of land?
  3. And what is the algorithm for the work of perks to increase the collection of resources? On the map resource with 100 units. A player with a perk will see it as a resource of 110 units or 100 units, but will the warehouse receive 110 units?
  4. But the statistics of Google Pla are unfortunately incomplete and does not cover all the players. I can assume that the game statistics exist, and that would be great to put it on the site.
  5. It would be nice, if possible, to post more detailed statistics on the players on the site. The Play Google rating does not cover, as it seems to me, all the players. So, for example, now the leader in Russia is a player with a land area of 133 km2 (second in the world), and in the rating it does not exist (on the other hand, three days ago the leader in Russia was another player with a significantly smaller land area).
  6. And do I need a yellow button with the letter "I" on the "Erth View" tab, it is only needed at the learning stage, and then it takes up just a place. Is it possible to replace it with something else?
  7. Thank you, understood. That is, the peak value of the characteristic
  8. Yes, thank you, but the new earth has moved to the north, and not to the south of the base, but it is not important :-)
  9. At me in this section the quantity of soldiers today, without loss is shown.
  10. And at me on the contrary with the version 1.12.3 there were problems with GPS. A very long search for the metodization. At 1.12 while it was relevant for one day was faster. Helps the crutch - the launch of the Androts GTS Test after determining the location of this program, the game finds it faster.
  11. Is it possible to disconnect the base and the ground? And then the range of the database is somewhat large. Or then the base is to make the level of 60+
  12. Well for Colombia, it is already characteristic.
  13. At me because of this bug features the base already 47 level became.
  14. And perhaps the action that swallowed this land is translated into an increase in the level of the neighboring?
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