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  1. It looks like there is something wrong about capturing utility structures. I was just fully stocked on captures, captured three new Solar Panels within a minute but neither lost a capture stock nor paid the shown 2% Travel Points Fee.
  2. Interestingly enough, clearing the cache did not help but clearing all app data did the job.
  3. I just updated and still have only the old six filter options. Btw, nice new items icon
  4. It's working fine again, thank you!
  5. It's the same for me since this morning
  6. Since it is no longer possible to buy lands above level 1 it makes sense to remove the "buy" button from those lands. But you removed the "track player" button as well on those lands which might not be intended? Now I could attack, buy or track a player from a level 1 land but only attack it if it is above level 1.
  7. Sounds like a great idea to solve all those trade related problems! Seems like I would be affected by this. Nevertheless I appreciate this step. It just seems fair. So this will make it a little easier to upgrade remote bases if you find some mergable lands but I guess this is somehow balanced by the much higher costs considering the new TPs. This somehow changes my current play style. I'd upgrade lands around a 100+ land until all of them can be merged at once to save TPs. Is it right that the magnet button will still act like at the moment? So it will still be possibl
  8. They will proceed to slowly decay. After the countdown is over they are gone no matter if someone captures them. But if you have unlocked the perk 'station technician' the countdown will add up up to 10 days depending on the perks level.
  9. Yes, I see it to and it is in Murcia which is for sure way South of Catalonia. I was just referring to this older post.
  10. Everything is fine on my side. Maybe you mixed it up with Catalonia again? The spanish stats are located on the canary islands
  11. Yep, I'm encountering the same over and over again. Would also call it a minor issue.
  12. Well, it was the first time I encountered this so I was very surprised.
  13. So there is a player in Germany called "Der Holzspan" he already owns a base of level 11. Whenever I track his lands, all of his flags will be displayed as red. But whenever I use show surroundings on any of my lands near him, all of his flags will be displayed gray.
  14. I just managed to hold 15 Super Magnets in my inventory regardless of only 13 available slots. I have no idea how this happened.
  15. Are you aware that you fuel our curiosity with terms like that? Better early than lately Very sad to hear. Which is something you'd deserve one way or another. So what's the point? We were "stuck" with you for a long time now and it was amazing The new design looks very interesting and is maybe so refreshing thing the game needs. I'm curious to see everything live someday. The new Unobtanium icon remembers me of minerals from StarCraft. Lastly, to be very honest: I don't like how that new green flag looks like but that's just my personal crazy feeling.
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