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  1. I saw it more as Donald trump gave the order, but due to technical problems nothing was fired (in that case no one would ever have known) and then perhaps later he decided not to bother)
  2. Sry DSEG! I was leaving them up last week to farm em (kill towers and sandbags) when I noticed someone was taking them out. So this week as soon as they spawned I killed em all. you will have to wait another 7 days
  3. Peace in our time!
  4. Found a Bug! If i u try and target a land that is outside your range (say from a guard tower). You get the Land is out of range. However that triggers the countdown in wars (7 days).
  5. Wow! Yes! I've waited so long for... French. GJ
  6. I'm fine with the reporting . I believe in fair play. As I told Mr. D, if Mr. D tells me it has been fair play then so be it :). I have nothing against you personally. However I'm beginning to believe that this game gives rise to much suspicion because of lack of information. That being said, I'm not going to be giving back any lands. I'm enjoying this war with my new repairing strategy. I basically just log in every 40 mins and click a button. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I also need those lands to see resource spawns and plan trips accordingly. However some new pvp stuff is coming out Monday so let's see what happends. Already I believe you and I are leaders in the upcoming points
  7. That I do not know, but I've been there awhile. Perhaps the tracking tool has been refined/updated?( i think it has because recently if you ask to track someone it only show their flags and not everyone else) I never saw you there either to be honest.. but I rarely look down there.
  8. Also There's no way you can travel almost 300 kms away in less than 12 hrs. <--- Simple math would say you could as long as you move faster than 25-30 km an hour.. which is slower than a racing bike. Also I travel to Kingston which is a true 300 km away. Niagara falls Casino is only 130 Km which on a high way takes roughly one hour there and then one hour back to DT core.. Seems like plenty of time
  9. Unfortunately I believe you are talking about the trip I made to Niagara in December 21. The server logs will show I planted 3 flags on the bus and 3 more at Niagara falls. The extra flags were from pvp take over of people over there ( there were two people who attacked one of my flags and I took it back + 1 of thiers), but I can't remember the exact date when that happens. Those flags have been there for a long long time. I'm sure Dan can confirm this easily. I pretty much give him a summary/screenshots of my day to day now anyways over private message lol PS: Toronto to milton to malton to Saint Catherines and some in Niagara Falls is the Safeway bus path from Markham to the Casino (where I sadly lost $6000 :'( ). I wouldn't rely on tracking beyond maybe 30 km from your current location.. it seems to have a hard time pulling up flags the further out they are distance wise (especially if there are over 200)
  10. I dont have 50 meters. i've placed 70 towers within 50 meters of each other, without realizing this is a problem I just wish healing wasn't a default. But I guess I could kill the towers ;(
  11. So I have a small Problem I have built over 70 structures on my land. The problem i'm getting is that if I want to go around and place utility buildings using capture land, I've found out that if I'm near one of the structures it will give me a "building at full health" and use up my capture not producing resources or giving me the option of placing a ultily structure. Could we have a setting where I can turn off healing by default in capture? I'm planning on making 175 structures on this land, but if I can't capture within the land anymore then there is no point.
  12. Hello. I remember reading at one point in a game tutorial that warehouses in bases are vulnerable to theft. I have wanted to test this out for months. I finally was able to army march on a level 2 base and take it to 1 and be victorious but there was no item gain. Either he did not have a warehouse (ay way for you to confirm) or that is not how you steal items. How can you raid a warehouse?
  13. Eagle

    Double Push

    Hello. @Mr D I was wondering if my ally attacks while I attack the same person there is no current way for someone to defend against both attacks at once correct?
  14. Eagle

    Pathfinder Perk

    I was just wondering, does the pathfinder perk add 10 radius to each powerup.. so 10xbullhorns will have a radius of 1100 meters? or is it just a flat 10; 1010 meters. thanks
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